Presser Notes: USC Week

By Corey Carpenter on September 10, 2008 at 12:29 am
Would Tressel enjoy coaching in LA, like Surfer Pete does?

The sound you heard yesterday at 12:17 pm was the collective breath of the Buckeye faithful as Tressel proclaimed Beanie was a go this week for USC.

Surprisingly it wasn't the first question asked, but the Vest was surprised as to how well #28 was running in practice. It was good to hear JT's enthusiasm towards Beanie's progress, but he still managed to give one of his classic Senator quotes.

In fact, I thought he ran better than I thought he might. Coaches, in some ways, we're optimists, and in other ways, we're pessimists, but hopefully we're realists. I thought he ran really well yesterday.

Perhaps the most questioned coaching decision from Saturday was not going for two after the Buckeyes pulled closer at 14-12 with 2:56 in the third. I convinced myself Tressel doesn't go for two unless he has to, but he must have forgot Woody's advice on going for three.

Our general rule of thumb is take every point you can get until you're into the fourth quarter significantly because you never know what they're going to do... So you get down into that eight, nine-minute mark of the fourth quarter, then I think those decisions really get a little sticky, but I think when you've got two something to go -- now, had I known we were going to miss the extra point --

Another question was the lack of carries Boom Herron saw after he scored the above mentioned touchdown. After listening to Tressel's answer, I was even more confused. My guess is OSU simply needs all four backs this year and while Beanie was out, the other three were going to split the reps.

Oh, yeah. I thought Boom Herron came in and showed a little electricity, a little burst, a little enthusiasm, was excited to play, maybe not in the first carry or two, but once he got his feet under him and it was good for him to get, I don't know, a dozen carries or whatever he had, he likes to run with his pads down and he's certainly got to help us.

I believe one of the advantages going for Ohio State this Saturday is getting Donald Washington and Jamario O'Neal back from suspension. I feel more confident about OSU's nickel package going out to Pete's territory and facing his offense. This was also a point Tressel brought up in response to a question, but he wouldn't specify specific looks.

I think anytime you get people back, whether it's from injury or suspension or from whatever, it adds to your depth. It adds to your skill sets. Those are two veteran guys and I'd like -- and they've been working hard and had good preseason training camps and played on the scout team for two full weeks and worked hard at it and did everything you could ask them to do and so you'd like to think that they would add to the overall.

For whatever reason the OLine decided not to show up until the third quarter last week and most of our readers thought they had the most blame for the offensive woes. Only Alex Boone and Steve Rehring had winning performances up front, so you might have an idea which way the Trojans may bring the heat. There is no question the right side of the line has to have their best career game if the Bucks are going to win.

That defensive front for Southern Cal is outstanding and they come in waves and they do a great job. So great test for everyone.

The entire transcript can be found here and you won't be disappointed if you like bizarre questions, like the one below or Tressel's roundabout answers.

I'm just trying to picture you in Hollywood, how that would work.

Other Notes: Tyler Moeller may not play this weekend, but Brian Rolle will be back and Todd Denlinger should be O.K... Brandon Saine is simply working his way back after missing 20+ preseason practices... The Buckeyes will practice Thursday morning and then fly out.