Troy Story

By Jason Priestas on July 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm
Smith and Zwick battled for the top job in 2004

Bucknuts has an excerpt of Dave Biddle's upcoming Troy Smith biography up and if what I read is any indication of the book at-large, it should be worth picking up.

The excerpt looks back at the rough start of the 2004 season for Smith. He had entered the season battling with sophomore Justin Zwick for the top job and most within the program had given little thought to Smith as a starter. Advised by his former foster father to transfer if he didn't get the starting nod coming out of spring camp, Smith flirted with that option after seeing spot time in the first three games of the season:

Following the off week, OSU came out for its practice on Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004. Smith was asked by the coaching staff to take some reps at wide receiver and it didn’t exactly go over well. He was already steaming mad from not seeing the field against N.C. State and this was the final straw as far as he was concerned.

The next time he spoke to the press, his thoughts were evident:

He stopped short of saying he wanted to transfer, but his true intentions could be clearly seen even through the sunglasses.

“I can’t say that right now,” Smith said of a possible transfer. “I wish I could, but I can’t say that right now.”

Which lead to:

You probably won’t find this hard to believe, but Smith was not made available for interviews the following week. Or the week after that.

Biddle went on to point out that after Barton spoke up in Smith's favor, he didn't see the press again for 18 months. Don't defy the Olentangy Kremlin, kids.

You all know how the story plays out, but this book looks to provide all of the details -- good and bad -- of a pretty unconventional ascension to the Heisman Trophy.

The Troy Smith Story will be released sometime in mid-August. You can pre-order your copy here.

Fans that love road trips will see that the price of admission to the November 15th game in Champaign just went up a little bit. And by little bit, I mean whatever the going rate is for a rare Illini sellout. Single game seats sold out less than an hour after going on sale.

With Lloyd Carr's exit, there's been a good deal written about various all-Carr teams. Those are great and all if you happen to be a fan of Michigan football, but finally there's an All-Carr team Buckeye fans can get behind: Lloyd Carr's All-Disciplinary Action Team.

Bobcat coach Frank Solich just inked a contract extension through 2013. Solich, like Willingham, has always held my sympathy for the way he was run out of town. It's good to see him having success in Athens and here's hoping for a good 2009 -- save for that trip to the 'Shoe, of course.