Tressel 1, Rodriguez 0

By Jason Priestas on March 19, 2008 at 12:00 pm
Jim Tressel Snags Terrelle Pryor

Life is good.

The basketball Buckeyes are showing signs of life in the NIT, I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow and, oh, Tressel just scored his first major victory over Rich Rodriguez by pulling in Vince 2.0.

Despite the promise of immediate playing time at Michigan, Pryor stuck with his gut in signing with the Ohio State. He'll join his boys Shugarts and Adams on an already great class and come to play for a guy that will take care of him.

With his signing, the Buckeyes are automatically preseason conference favorites for the next three seasons. If he pans out in the least bit, you're looking at two, maybe three more national championship appearances over the next four years. He's no lock to see the same success at the next level, but you have to like his chances.