Steak Knives Update

By Jason Priestas on March 31, 2008 at 2:29 am
The Sports AdvisorsThe Sports Advisors have their eye on Jones

Now that all of the one seeds have advanced to the Final Four (and that hot girl in accounting has moved to the front of your office pool), it's time to take a quick look at the leaderboard for Eleven Warriors Steak Knives.

A staggering 46 entries have mad insight finally saw their strategies of automatically moving the top seeds to the Final Four pay off. Regardless, only a handful at the top of the leaderboard have a realistic chance to take home the title. And by title, we mean an autographed pair of Corey's "game-worn" underwear.

Leading the pack is the Next Year bracket. With 1030 points his entry is in the top 20,000 of more than 3.2m entered -- good enough for the top .6%. Thank you, sir. We'll be including you on any reader demographic materials we prepare for advertising.

The M. Huges entry is a close second with 1020 points, but since both entries have the same championship game opponents and winner (UCLA over UNC) it's impossible for him.

Corey's Pimp and the NIT Champs entry are still alive by virtue of being close enough (980 points) and having different winners than the top two entries. There are probably a couple of other brackets that are still alive, but there's only so much permutation time in the day, you know?

Suffice to say, you guys seem to be a lot better at filling out your brackets than we are. Corey is in the best position, tied for 13th, while Chris is tied for 23rd and I'm laying a turd, tied for 44th. Could be worse I guess, we could have Mark's entry.