Bubble Battle

By Jason Priestas on February 29, 2008 at 3:15 am

Despite the grumblings in these parts, the Buckeyes still technically have a chance to make the NCAA tournament (but in the land of tall orders, it's Manute Bol -- on stilts). Perhaps that's why I just heard an ESPN promo refer to the Minnesota game Saturday as a bubble matchup.

One thing's for certain, if the Buckeyes lose to the Gophers, they're almost a lock for the NIT (saving a miracle tourney run). Don't fret, though, at least they'll be a top seed in the basketball equivalent of the Humanitarian Bowl.

To help fire you up for the first of several consecutive must-win games, we present footage of the infamous 1972 brawl.

Luke Witte, you're a good man.

(Thanks to winterinand for the NIT seeding tip.)