Against The Spread - Week 13

By Chris Lauderback on November 22, 2007 at 1:26 am
miles8.jpgMrs. Miles - tough on the eyes

Jason continued his dominance with a 3-1 week to go to a mystical 29-18 this year while I went 2-2 to bring my season total to 21-26. I knew my WVU minus the points pick was a loser but I fell victim to betting with my heart. Pathetic. That's Gambling 101 right there.

Anyway, maybe that's Jason's secret. The dude has no heart keeping him from making 'hope' picks. Instead, he's all bidness.

With the regular season in the rear-view, we thought we might struggle to land a guest picker but the trip to Ann Arbor proved fruitful in more ways than one.

One of our sources was picking up a bottle of Champipple at a local carryout and bumped into Les Miles' wife. She mentioned how much more fun it was to shop for houses (rumor's rule!) with a little buzz on and that she had to finish up before The Game started because she had a hundo on Michigan +4.

With her love of gambling duly noted, she agreed to phone in her picks from a roomy 6-bedroom she was trying out in Barton Hills. Let's see if she's got the goods.

Now on to the picks:

USC (-3.5) @ Arizona State (ESPN 8:00 Thursday) The winner of this Thanksgiving Day tilt could be in line to face Ohio State in the Rose, assuming the Buckeyes aren't handed a better fate. USC has won 7 in a row against the Sun Devils but ASU does have the 2nd best winning percentage (.391, 9/14) of Pac-10 teams against the Trojans.

Chris: USC wins, but can't cover the number. USC 27-24. Jason: I can't buy USC not winning by a score, 33-24. Mrs. Miles: My husband could beat up Surfer Pete. ASU prevails 28-27.

Arkansas (+12) @ LSU (CBS 2:30 Friday) I've been drinking Tiger blood all week trying to will a Razorback upset in Baton Rouge but it's gonna take a Heisman winning performance by Darren McFadden to give the Buckeyes a BCS boost. If we're lucky, the Miles to Michigan talk will serve as a necessary distraction.

Chris: McFadden will keep it close but LSU pulls away late, 31-20. Jason: LSU likes to keep it close against decent competition. They'll win by double digits, but not cover: 38-30. Mrs. Miles: Boy, that LSU squad sure has a hot coach. LSU 45-0.

Missouri (+7.5) @ Kansas (ABC 8:00) Apparently, this is a huge rivalry game although I'm struggling to remember the last time it was important. Regardless, this contest has huge BCS implications, almost as huge as Mangino. Almost.

Chris: Missouri exposes the fraudulent Jayhawks. Mizzou 24-20. Jason: Mangino! Mangino! Mangino! Kansas 27, Missouri 24. Mrs. Miles: When did Dom DeLuise get into coaching? Kansas 24-21.

Connecticut (+17) @ West Virginia (ABC 3:30) The UConn braintrust is worried about Pat White and knows the best way to stop him is to keep the WVU offense off the field. White's been on fire the last 3 games (923 total yards, 6 TD) and looks like the only way to stop him is to make WVU throw the football. If that happens, UConn might have a shot as their secondary is 2nd in the NCAA with 21 INTs, 5 returned for touchdowns. C'mon, Huskies!

Chris: Do you believe in miracles? UConn 24-23. Jason: 17 is way too many to give a team that doesn't like to take care of the ball. WVU 21-17. Mrs. Miles: Does anyone outside of Morgantown or Columbus care about this one? WVU 34-14.