The Ghost Of Ray Small

By Chris Lauderback on September 10, 2007 at 3:30 pm
Fragile Dazzle

As noted by Keith at Buckeye Commentary and dissected by Pfef at ATO, this past weekend was supposed to be the 2007 debut for WR/KR Ray Small. In fact, Small even worked out in pregame but did not step on the field once the game started. I haven't heard any official word as to why he didn't, but considering his status as a fragile gazelle, I assume the wet turf led to his watching from the sidelines again.

While I dont see Small as an offensive savior, I do think simply having him on the field stretches the D as his speed must be accounted for every play. Even more importantly, Small could give a boost to the punt and kick return games. For my money, a healthy Small should be returning kickoffs with Brandon Saine as opposed to the likes of Mo Wells, Anderson Russell or Malcolm Jenkins. Kickoff return men should be your burners and I can't imagine a faster tandem than those two. I truly believe Small could be a secret weapon this week.