Michigan Proving Last Week Was No Fluke

By Chris Lauderback on September 8, 2007 at 7:22 pm
This man deserves a lifetime contract

With a couple minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Lloyd's boys are getting waxed 39-7 by an Oregon team that gave up 545 yards to Houston last week. I admit I was about 1% disappointed that UM lost last week because of the fuel it gave the pundits who constantly dog the conference but now that the damage is done it's fun watching the wheels fall off this squad. I might even send Lloyd a thank you note as he is single handedly increasing demand for our latest masterpiece in the shop. (excuse the shameless plug)

Worse than the score, the body language seems to reveal a team that has quit on its season and its coach. From a Buckeye perspective, it's a shame all this will likely lead to Lloyd resigning or being fired at the end of the season but you can't keep a coach once his team has quit on him, ask John Cooper. I guess the editors over at TIME magazine forgot about Lloyd when they recently produced their list of the 50 Worst Car(r)'s of All Time.