Bucks To Go Click-Clack At Tourney

By Jason Priestas on March 5, 2007 at 7:00 pm
Nike’s System of Dress

Those Tour de France-inspired threads you see above are Nike's new System of Dress basketball jerseys and shorts that Ohio State, along with Arizona, Syracuse and Florida, will don for their conference tournaments. Players will be able to add options such as padded shorts and leg wraps (??).

The new look, including the LeBron stamps, have the Buckeyes as a lock for best-dressed team in the Big Ten, or worst-dressed team, depending on your age (Skeletor isn't afraid to share his opinion). I'm hoping the funky sleeves shown above for stud Buckeye #20 are part of the optional accessory package and won't see the court, but if nothing else, these should help cut down opposing players hanging on Oden's jersey.

(Via Deadspin)