Wanted for Fraud: Quinn and the Fat Man

By Chris Lauderback on January 7, 2007 at 8:51 am

Disturbed by the fact that Charlie Weis and Brady Quinn have been shoved down our throats since 2003 after repeated big game failures, I decided to go back and look at just how bad this dynamic duo has been since Quinn took over the starting job back in the middle of his freshman (2003) season. The numbers are about as pretty as the stretch marks on Charlie's belly button. Seriously, blowout losses must contain a lot of calories.

At the helm, Weis is 2-7 against teams ranked in the top 10, including 4 in a row, losing by an average score of 34-17. Under center, Quinn has completed just 50.5% of his passes in 9 games against top foes with 12 touchdowns against a whopping 10 interceptions. Wow, no wonder this guy is supposed to be the #1 pick in April. Brady did average 193 yards per game however that was largely due to being on the wrong end of lopsided defeats as evidenced by his having 35 or more passing attempts in 5 of those 9 contests. So why is it these two are so special again?