Around The Internets

By Jason Priestas on January 7, 2007 at 3:21 pm

I'll wipe them any damn where I please. Brian Harline told the media that The Vest gets into some heat at home for eating Doritos in bed and wiping his hands on the side of the bed. Can this guy get any more freakin' awesome?

Buckeye, Arizona. Thousands of Buckeye fans are completing their annual Hajj to the Phoenix area. This trip, of course, includes stopping by this Arizona bedroom community 35 miles to the west.

One of the great mysteries of our time -- still unsolved. The Plain Dealer tries, unsuccessfully, to figure out how many sweater vests Tressel owns. We are putting the over/under at 20.

Guess what Anthony Gonzalez sleeps in. Ric Romero Luke Wynn of SI just found out that Gonzo doesn't exactly sleep like the rest of us. Welcome to 2006, Luke.

Envy. Urban Meyer may or may not be carrying a lucky Buckeye in his pocket during the game.

The McConaughey rule is in effect. OSU and Florida will each be limited to 5 sideline passes for the championship game. Just how much money does the school get from Nike? Consider that joining Cris Carter, Keith Byars, Jim Jackson and Tyson Gentry's father on the Buckeye sideline will be a Nike rep.

The legend of Big Game Troy. Pat Forde takes a look at Troy Smith's knack for coming up big in big games. We also find out that Troy looked up to the star of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective as a kid.

Fear the Goat. Forde checks in again with a look at Quinn Pitcock, who besides earning All-American honors, made the Big11Ten Porn Name All-Star Team.