Happy Thanksgiving

By Jason Priestas on November 23, 2006 at 1:26 am

Have a happy Thanksgiving and stay safe to everyone out there. Be thankful for Troy Smith, Jim Tressel, Thad Matta, the men and women in uniform overseas and whatever else you have to be thankful for. A couple of interesting stories:

John E. Hoover, a sportswriter out in Tulsa with a Heisman vote, says he will not be voting for Troy Smith because of the incident with the Booster two years ago. We don't have to say anything about just how plain nuts this is and the guy is appropriately getting KILLED on user comments. If you need something to counteract the effects of tryptophan, this link might just be for you.

Finally, eighteen schools, the Big11Ten, Pac Ten and Big 12 conferences filed a brief supporting Ohio State and its bid to overturn the award given to Jim O'Brien. The brief argues the O'Brien decision limits their ability to comply with NCAA rules and discipline employees who violate them. The University of Michigan - of all schools - submitted the brief with the support of the other schools and conferences.