Football Coach Fair

By Jason Priestas on November 27, 2006 at 8:21 pm
Donald Trump

There must have been a college football coaches fair that nobody bothered telling us about because the past 48 hours have brought a flurry of activity in the Division I ranks.

The big news for Buckeye fans was the hiring of former defensive coordinator Mark Dantonio by Michigan State. Coming off the biggest win in program history, Dantonio moves on from UC to the Big11Ten. I guess this guy wants more cracks at beating The Vest. Dantonio was sporting his bling from the 2002 season at today's press conference and offered this choice quote:

I wear this championship ring very, very few times, but I wear it for a reason. I wear it to symbolize what can happen when you have the resources, when you have the players, and most importantly when you have the commitment.

In other coaching news:

  • Alabama canned Mike Shula after going 6-6. The once great Crimson Tide are now looking for their fourth coach since 2000. Nonetheless, Boss Hog-looking Tide boosters everywhere rub hands in approval.
  • In a real tragedy, man-boob legend Chuck Amato was cut loose by North Carolina State. The game needs more torsos personalities like The Raspy One. That great gasp you heard at the time of the firing? That was Steeler nation collectively shitting themselves at the prospect of losing their beloved Bill Cowher. That's his school and with the Steelers sucking it up on the field... I'm just saying. With Butch Davis at Chapel Hill, Cowher would give the residents of the Research Triangle a chance to possibly see two programs go big-time.
  • Longhorn defensive coordinator Gene Chizik is off to Iowa State. Chizik won 28 consecutive games spanning his time at Auburn and Texas, but forgot that teams were allowed to throw to more than one receiver when it came time to face the Bucks this season. I'm guessing his replacement will fill in admirably at Texas, where the talent level can turn decent coaches into great ones.
  • Arizona State put the smackdown on coach Dirk Koetter. Koetter went 40-33 in six seasons, including 4-2 against rival Arizona for the Sun Devils. Do you think Sam Keller is a happy man today?
  • Finally, Deadspin is talking up the Pete Carroll to the Arizona Cardinals rumor. Surfer Pete, stay at USC. The NFL has already had you for breakfast once. You have one of the best jobs on earth and most importantly, I don't want you leaving or the talk of you leaving to be an excuse when The Vest disposes of you in Glendale.