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Which Freshman Have a Bigger Impact For Ohio State This Season?



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I vote Dixon only because McMillan has Curtis Grant in front of him and I'm expecting  Grant to step up and have a nice senior season. 

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

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I also think Grant breaks through this season, but McMillan is a bigger fish in a smaller position pool.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Remember that Curtis was once that fish also. If I remember correctly, he was a signing day commit and had Buckeye nation ecstatic being a 5 star recruit at a position of need. I think we sometimes are too quick to jump on "the next big thing". Who knows, McMillan might be Curtis Grant 2.0 (Etienne Sabino as well) in that it takes him a few years to get it. Either way, he's got my support and it'll be a joy watching the ride. 

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

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I do remember...didn't think OSU would land Grant coming out of Virginia, but was ecstatic nonetheless.

I wouldn't be disappointed in Dixon making waves first, I just think the competition at WR is stacked against him making a quicker impact there than McMillan at MLB.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I like Grant, but he's not the "Man" in the middle we need. Grant will start, but by the time the B1G opener rolls around I expect McMillan to be the starter. I know it's a lot to ask of a true freshman, but I think he's that good and up to the challenge.


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Dixon has a better chance at making impact this year. For one I have thought from the beginning that Dixon was going to be a very big impact player, hopefully this year. Second, MLB is very difficult position to come in as a freshman and play, it typically takes a more mature player. This is not to say Raekwon is not mature, just very few freshman have been able to make impact at the MLB position. I would be more than happy if both or either make an impact this year.

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I think Dixon will have a decent year for a freshman, but won't make a huge impact because of the depth at WR. He has Dontre, D Smith, C Smith, Marshall, Clark, Greene and Thomas all to fight playing with. McMillion just has Grant, and I believe Grant is a great guy and a hard worker but I don't see him having a breakout year which will lead to McMillion getting plenty of reps at Mike. 


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I can't vote. This is a hard one.

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I'll go with McMillan. The WR/hybrid pool is alot wider and I expect McMillan to be in the thick of things right from the get go. The catches are going to be spread out alot this year IMO and McMillan is going to see alot of reps.

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In terms of on field production - Dixon - he is probably going to see the field more

In terms of off field impact - McMillan - he is pushing Grant really hard and I think Grant is going to have a great year because of it.

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I voted McMillan in terms of greater impact mainly due to less competition.  Johnie Dixon has to battle A LOT of offensive playmakers for touches in this offense.  Dontre, Curtis Samuel, Ezekiel Elliot, Braxton Miller running, Devin Smith, Michael Thomas, Corey Smith, maybe Rod Smith.  I think he could see a decent amount of playing time, but just might not have the offensive production for a greater impact.  I also took into consideration Braxton Miller's passing consistency/ability and injury likelihood due to his style of play.

Raekwon Mcmillan faces Curtis Grant as his only competition.  One injury and he's getting significant playing time at a significant stat producing position.

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i voted for McMillan as i think Dixon will be splitting touches with a ton of other guys

at the various receiver spots you have Smith, Spencer, Thomas, Wilson, Heuerman, Vannett, Clark, and Greene, then add in the RBs for an occasional catch and that's a bunch of ways to split the touches up.

lets assume he comes in 4th or 5th in receptions on the team and we complete around 250 passes (ie about 12 more than last year), then my guess is he comes in around 20 receptions, but if he ends up 5th/6th, then we are likely looking at 15 touches in 14 games, ie very minimal

my guess is with occasional LB rotation, mop up duties and special teams Kwon is hopefully looking at around 30 tackles, maybe more if he can get on the field more

i think both will be great additions but i see Kwon on the field a bit more