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In a pinch, how confident are you in Cardale Jones' ability to replace Braxton Miller?



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This one depends on how you define replace.  I dont see him as a Smooth Jazz type of "we got this" proven replacement.  I do think he has the talent and drive along with coaching to be part of a capable team.

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It helps me feel very confident when I think about the weapons he will have around him.  Let's hope BM stays healthy.  Also, lets not forget about JT.'s picture

He's a Buckeye. He'll be excellent. 

Go Bucks. 

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Even before all the heroics, I was confident with Guiton because he was similar in style to Miller (a smaller, mobile QB).  That meant that the offensive scheme wouldn't have to drastically change when Kenny was under center.  Jones, on the other hand, is a big dude with a rocket launcher arm, meaning that when he comes in, the offense has to change by necessity.  I think Jones is a fast straight line runner, but am not sure he's very mobile at all.  At this point, mark me down for moderately confident, and lets get him some game action late so he can step in quickly if needed.

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If by "In a pinch" - you mean - for a series or two - Moderately, he can handoff, he can run and maybe even chuck it once or twice, and with some fortune we at least change field position, hang onto the ball for a number of plays, and maybe he pulls a Smooth Jazz and we score. 

However if you mean - for a game or more - somewhat becomes optimistic!!

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I will say extremely confident.... Guiton was a relative unkown variable until Herman and Meyer came to town and he will go down in history as one of the most beloved back ups in OSU history. To be fair to Jones all we have really seen him operate is with the 3rd team running out the clock. Throw him in with the starters and he could be a completely different player. I believe Herman will have him prepared much like he got Guiton prepared for the back up role.

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Im not sure about you but I knew about Guiton long before last year! True we didnt know he was as good as he was, but I knew he should have started over Bauserbomb in 2011. I used to watch Guiton in the spring games and then wonder why he never got any action during the regular season! Im just glad he somewhat got a time to shine during his tenure.

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Inexperienced and unproven offense.  Not sure how the offense performs without Braxton in there.  

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i'm confident he can hand the ball off. 

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He is the backup of one of the if not the best coached team in the NCAA who knows just as much as we do (obviously) that Braxton is a liability due to injuries. They will have him ready to go, he has been coached to the maximum to be ready for that situation. I still voted moderately based off of being young and the obvious little experience he has.

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I haven't seen enough of him on the field to have a solid opinion one way or the other.  The reality is that he beat out some very talented challengers.  I trust the coaches to use the players that give us the best chance of winning.

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Honestly, I think it all depends on how many points we have to score to win. If the Silver Bullets are back true to form and a Tressel-era final score will seal the deal, no worries. If, however, we need 35+ to win as we did on several occasions last year... Time will tell.

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At FNL my first thought was, "who's the linebacker working with the quarterbacks?"

Hopefully he can get some work in during a few blowouts.  Kent, Michigan, teams like that.

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I see what you did there. 

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It depends on how long.  If he needs to come in for a drive while we can just run the ball, very.  If passing, then I see a problem mainly because I have never seen him throw.

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He has an f'ing cannon for an arm. No joke. I've seen him throw excellent deep balls in warm up that went a good twenty yards further than any of the other QBs. Brax was using his full body, Cardale was just flicking his wrist.

That's all I know- an f'ing cannon. No idea if he can read defenses, throw accurately, etc, etc.

I do think he will throw a better deep ball than Braxton. Over the years Brax has missed out on a lot of TDs because he throws his deep balls on too much of a line without enough air under them. On the plus side, that's avoided a lot of interceptions.

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I think he has a good arm and he runs like Pryor/Tebow (power with speed). he could get it done. 

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Sorry but he runs nothing like Pryor or Tebow lol. Hes not even in their league when it comes to running...

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Have you watched him in garbage time? He might not have the speed that Pryor had but he definitely has the size, strength, and the stiff arm.  

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I hate to judge anything based upon the Spring Game.  We've seen heroes and zeros from that game before, but that game gave me no hope or confidence in either back up QB this year.

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I think CJ has the tools, just a matter of seeing what he can do given the opportunity...( though I hope any opportunities are of the mop-up variety for this year)

I also think I would have felt the same about the most recent Buckeye backup QB, if this same question was asked two years ago. He turned out okay...

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Depends on the opponent and for how long he is in.  Against Michigan State for the whole game, not confident.  For a quarter against MSU, somewhat confident.  Based on "in a pinch", this means he hasn't played yet this season even in garbage time, so somewhat is the highest he will get for me.

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Yup, the situation will dictate whether he will be able to step in and step up.  I am really hoping to have some big margins by the 4th quarter of every non-conference game to give CJ a chance to build up his confidence and in game experience including throwing some passes.

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Please Braxton, don't get hurt!

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Somewhat. I am confident with a lead he could run the clock, or pass the ball a little, do I see a Smooth Jazz Purdue come from behind? Not neccesarily

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I don't know about his arm, but his legs will be ok. He's something like 6'5" 255. He'll run defenders over.

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I'm confident in the team around him and confident that Urban will continue to run the offense, where as coach Tress would get extremely conservative if he needed to go to the backup, I don't see Ohio State doing that now.

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The offense won't be completely one dimensional, so that's a huge plus for a backup.  Passing aside, his read-option power running threat can be enough to move the ball effectively in spots  If he can be an average passer, we should be in good hands with CJ being the backup QB.