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Do you believe the Big Ten is done expanding?



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I voted "Yes" - but I expect the CFB landscape to change drastically before "expansion", with an elite tier, that I'm not sure includes a Rutgers or a Purdue. Four 12 team conferences, winners of each into the Playoffs. Great football, and a killer schedule. 

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The B1G will not be kicking members out of the conference. That you can count on.

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More likely that it would be four 16 team conferences if something like that happened.

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Have you seen Hoke's ass lately?


2 more teams.   1 from the south (east) and 1 from the Big 12 area.

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How about Georgia Tech and Oklahoma?

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I dont think OK goes anywhere without OK ST..  Both those would be nice.  Or NC, NC ST. Or Syracuse, PITT would have been.

Go Bucks!

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I'm torn - I don't think it's as cut and dry as yes or no - if they do expand, I think (hope) that they'll take some time before doing so. If they don't expand, I think it'll be because of some crazy changes to NCAA football in general.

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In the next 4-5 yrs., they are done.  Forever, not hardly.  The name of the conference then will be SEC North.

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I could see a Big Ten(s) Conference, east-west divisions.   Pitt,WV,Missouri,Syracuse as possible inclusions.


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Syracuse, theyd probably accept.

WV, they probably would too. 

Pitt, not sure how we'll PSU would accept another Penn school into the conference. Then again, I dont know what say they would have.

Missouri, I wouldve thought theyd catch the first bus out of the SEC but with the success they've had they probably wouldnt jump ship. Especially with the new TV deal they're getting.

Just thoughts

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WV doesn't pass the academic rigor the B1G wants

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UVA on the other hand...

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Is going to be added! They fit perfectly. Also, with the increased sports revenue they should be able to grow into something better given the in state talent.

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They really would. They're a top-notch university and not terrible at sports. Not great, and there's no telling the future, but I'd be alright with UVA joining.

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It would be really cool if the B1G could get Texas to join up. That way they could beat UT like a red headed step child! I'm still salty about those two games Ohio State lost to UT. BOTH those games should have been won. The first if Rory Nichol had caught that pass in the end zone and the second if Ohio State would have simply ran down the clock and then punched it in, leaving not enough time for UT to win that one.

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Ryan Hamby*

"I'm not going to lie. We're anxious to be a part of a matchup like that. It's two states that love the game of football." -Jim Tressel

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That's right...sorry about that Mr. Hamby

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No because the footprint of the B1G has not reached the lucrative West Coast yet.

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I could see us picking up the Kansas duo in the future to make the total 16 teams. I don't think we'll ever see the B1G expand past 16 though.

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Not as CFB stands right now. UN was needed for the CCG and Maryland/Rutgers dramatically boosted BTN's reach but other than bringing Boston's TVs in, there isn't much more benefit. BC isn't an AAU member so they probably wouldn't be looked at, UVA is but with Maryland bringing in DC there isn't much to be gained there.

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If there's money to be made, the conference will expand. Tradition matters not anymore (sadly)

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