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Who's the fastest player on the football team?



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Voted for the Do Rant!

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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lmaaao damnit, FIXT IT.

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Lernin' to spel at the 11W.

The benefits are endless...

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Depends on the distance.  In a 40, I think it's close, with Samuel/Wilson/Grant.  In a 100, I take Devin Smith.

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Chris Carter...



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I wouldn't want to be the guy to stand in front of Chris and tell him he isn't the fastest guy on the team!

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That shot was taken via high-speed camera, no doubt.

(CC, I'm a fan, and I in no means in anyway mean any disrespect. Because if I were to run, you'd still probably catch me)

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Looking at those names....... Yeah we're fast!

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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And that's without Eze (4.41 at The Opening before his senior year in high school), Terry McLaurin (4.3 guy in high school), Parris Campbell (also a 4.3 guy) and a few others.

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I'd say James Clark BEFORE his injury but right now I'd say C-Sam

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Still think Braxton's 40 is bogus.  He gets caught from behind a lot - especially against Michigan.

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Yeah it was probably just hand timed. BMiller probably runs a 4.5

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Miller is almost never running in a straight line, especially in the B1G championship game. Had he just ran straight he is almost certainly gone in a lot of instances.

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What I have felt about Braxton is since he has gotten himself injured in some runs, he is now constantly looking behind him during long runs when no one is in front of him.  He puts that stiff arm out there, slowing himself down because he does not want to get clipped by somebody when he is not expecting it.  I think it is fear based and that he actually is faster than he appears.

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On a track without pads I'll go with Devin Smith, but for the field...Grant or Samuel.

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Reposted from another thread:

Players, best documented 100m time & grade:
Parris Campbell - 10.47 (Sr)
James Clark - 10.48 (Sr)
Devin Smith - 10.56 (Sr)
Dontre Wilson - 10.84 (So)
Johnnie Dixon - 10.84 (Jr)
Jamel Dean - 10.88 (Jr)
Ezekiel Elliot - 10.95 (Sr)
Jeff Greene - 11.22 (Sr)
Gareon Conley - 11.22 (Sr)
Frank Epitropoulos - 11.23 (Sr)
Jalin Marshall - 11.34 (Sr)
Doran Grant - 11.38 (So)
Evan Spencer - 11.41 (Jr)
Bri'onte Dunn - 11.42 (So)
Terry McLaurin - 11.44 (So)
Warren Ball - 11.46 (Jr)
Marshon Lattimore - 11.60 (Sr)
J.T. Barrett - 12.10 (So)
Jayme Thompson - 12.23 (Fr)
EGW - 12.39 (7th grade)

For comparison, Parris Campbell's progression by year:
Fr - 11.43
So - 10.92
Jr - 10.77
Sr - 10.47

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Mad props for the research, Scarlet!

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Isn't Najee Murray at Kent State?

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Chris Carter is NOT going to be happy with this list. I suggest you take it down, Scarlet_Lutefisk.



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Some indoor times (mainly because Curtis Samuel doesn't have a listed 100m):

Curtis Samuel
55m 6.44 (Jr)
60m 6.93 (Jr)

Terry McLaurin
55m 6.82 (So)

Corey Smith
55m 7.15 (Sr)

Marshon Lattimore
60m 7.25 (Sr)

Jayme Thompson
55m 7.40 (JR)

Using the various conversion methods give an estimated 10.6-10.86 100m for Samuel.

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If Billy Hamilton were on the football team, it'd be Billy Hamilton.

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i vote for them all. I remember a time, and I'm sure many of you do too, when this was an easy answer because speed wasn't aplenty. now we have many burners. love it !

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