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Who would win in a race of 100 yards?



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Ohio State. The answer is Ohio State would win just because we have guys fast enough for this discussion. 

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I an very confident it wouldn't be me!

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I feel like I'm the only one who was disappointed in Wilson's straight-line speed last year. He's shifty as all get-out (whatever that means) though.

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I would say either Paris Campbell or Devin Smith.  People underestimate how far 100m is and football players often can't maintain their speed for that long.  Those two have both run that far recently so they are in the type of shape required for maintaining their speed.  Now if it were a 40 yd or 55-60m dash, there might be a different answer.

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I second this - kid has blazing speed!

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We could line up Devin Smith, Doran Grant, Curtis Samuel, James Clark, Paris Campbell, & Terry McLaurin and easily compete in the B1G 4x100 relays.

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Definitely not a stretch considering Devin is already an Honorable Mention All-American with OSU's 4x100m team last year.  We've definitely had some speed over the last decade (Ginn, Gonzalez, and Saine are all guys that could have been potential all-NCAA in track).

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Speedy Gonzalez

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For some reason I think that Devin Smith would win.  

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I also think Smith would win. He doesn't have that quick burst off the line but has that blazing top end that would pay off over 100 yds

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On the few times I saw Dontre get going in a straight line last year, there seemed to be a governor on his motor... Not sure it's the equipment or what, but he seemed to top out.  It could just be that his running motion and style doesn't look as smooth as most blazing athletes though - hence football gear limits?

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He gets to top end faster than other guys with his short legs though.

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I'm of the opinion that James Clark wins at 100m (maybe even Devin Smith).

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A healthy James Clark would smoke everyone else on our team.

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Agreed the first highlight on this tape tells you everything you need to know, as do his HS track times. 


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Going into last season he was my choice for having the break out year. Hope he comes back fully healthy after that injury. 

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im going Dontre over Samuel simply bcuz Dontre has a year of Mick in him.
also offtopic question, do we have a nickname for Samuel yet?

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Clever. I like Super Samuel as well

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I would go with James Clark. He wasn't in the race during the spring game due to injury but he is a true track star.

in pads, I might take Samuel though. but a race in track gear it is so Clark.

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Voted for myself, but then my fiancée started laughing and I woke from my dream. I smoked every Buckeye by 10 yards minimum.


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Quicksilver from Xmen

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Wille Mays Hayes


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You might run like Hayes, but you hit like shit. 

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Tempted to DV you since he played for Bama...

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Remember he wasn't real smart, but he sure was fast.

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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I believe he was declared to possibly be the dumbest sum'bitch alive.

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Terry McLaurin, Dontre Wilson, Curtis Samuel, Paris Campbell, James Clark, Doran Grant, Devin Smith and through in Ezekiel Elliot and have a 40/ 100 yard race next spring game or fall camp.

Call it the "Silver Bullet" Championship.  

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I think Dontre is the quickest guy on the team and can probably beat anyone in first 20 yards. After that though, long strides take over so my guess is Samuel.


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Is the 100 yrds straight line or zig-zaggy? There would a different answer.

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Usain Bolt 9.58 seconds. That is all.

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Ted Ginn Jr.

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Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick everyone, and eat the starting gun.  

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Based solely on the numbers, Clark went 10.43 in the 100m, and had one of the fastest HS 100m times in the country. Dontre went 21.03 in the 200m, which was also one of the fastest HS times in the country.

I wish Mike Mitchell was still at OSU to be added to this list. He was a blazing fast track guy as well, albeit with prototypical linebacker size. He only went 10.9 for the 100m but also won a state title in the shot put.