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Are you attending the Spring Game on April 12th?



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No surprise, right?  Gene's Myth jumps on the bandwagon to prostitute CFB and make as many $$ as possible.  (Gotta pay those bonus bucks SOMEHOW)



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I will DVR and watch on TV but won't go in person.

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Only because I live 700+ miles away

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Normally yes.  This year has snuck up on me. 

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Driving in from DC on Friday. Looking forward to the game AND some OSU lacrosse action v tsun. The cost is minimal in my opinion. I'll DVR it too. 

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I'll be there. Didn't get to the Shoe last year, but I did see the Bucks beat TSUN however. I don't know if I'll be able to go this year and my parents will be in town and neither of them have been! 

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I would but I'm still crippled so no.

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Jury is still out.   Weather, wife and 1yr old are variables that I just can't predict no matter how hard I try. 

Perfect world:  It's 72 and sunny. The wife is amped to go to The Shoe too.  The 1yr old is decked out in S&G and we make a day of it.

Realistic world:  It's 50 or so with rain off and on.  I start yard work and the wife grades papers while the 1yr old naps.  I try to catch as much of the game as I can on BTN between attending to the yard, cleaning house, doing laundry, catching up on dishes and entertaining the boy.

Wild Card:  I do all that stuff Sunday and demand to go to the game like a child.  Everyone else is cold and miserable but I'm a kid in a candy store.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I will be in Vegas for a bachelor party (RIP Justin) and do not get BTN in Youngstown (STILL! SERIOUSLY!!).  Hopefully there will be chances to watch the entire game online when (if) I return back to the Yo.

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I have other obligations all day that I cannot get out of. It will be my first time missing the game as a student (I've made it the past two years). Also, I don't have DVR at my apartment, so I'm hoping for a re-broadcast or for someone to put it on Youtube like last year.

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Driving in from Indy

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Nope, but watching on TV on account I live 1,200 miles away.