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Will Ohio State hold onto four-star OL Jamarco Jones?


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I can see Meyer having the charisma to flip recruits, but to be perfectly honest, I don't see many others out there with as much or more than he has.  So to flip one out of his camp would be a difficult task.  That is the advantage he has over the competition.

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I hope the friendships he's made in the incoming class are strong ones. Every little bit helps, especially this late in the game, and ESPECIALLY visiting a program with the on-field momentum of Michigan State. Fingers crossed that he sticks around. 

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Nothing against the reigning B1G champs, but I think they've had their day in the sun.

Hopeful that JJ looks not only at where the programs are, and are going, but also the coaching he'll most benefit from on-field.

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The series since Sparty has joined the conference has been interesting. Typically they win about two games a decade, with those two games back to back or close. 
It never fails, their fans start getting cocky after those two wins and then get hammered with a 5-6-7 game losing streak vs the Buckeyes.
Things are right on schedule for us to start worrying in 2020 or so.

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The thing I think about is this: MSU will roll out the red carpet in a big way. He's going to feel a whole lot of love from coaches, players, & students I bet. MSU would love to to steal an OSU recruit & will do everything in their power to do so. I hope he chooses OSU at the end of the day - but this could be a serious battle. I think the toughest part for OSU if he takes off would be - can you get another OL that quickly?
In the end, I think he stays, because of the relationships he's developed with other commits, but I won't be surprised either way.

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There is a world of difference between the red carpet MSU can roll out and the red carpet OSU can.  I don't see where MSU can come close in that arena.  Facilities, stadium, panache all fall in favor of OSU. 

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MSU's advantage is they get to do it this weekend, the last impression & two days before NSD. 

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Or a comparison, which will reinforce his original decision.  Glass half full.

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I hear you Oyster, and MSU just couldn't compete in recruiting with OSU in most instances, but they will be in his head last & will put on a show. A show in the dead of a brutally cold Winter in E Lansing - but a show nonetheless. Maybe the visit reminds him how great OSU is. I hope so. I think if he's going there the weekend before signing day, it's a battle, but one OSU wins in a too close for comfort type of way.

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Dont forget, TMAC, that there was LJ, Ed and Stan Drayton paying him a visit after Dantanio and staff did (think it was yesterday). That goes ALOOOOONG way. Sure he goes to visit Sparty last, but he knows the Playing Time, facilities, education, campus lifestyle and his position coach here top notch. If he goes, we will still be fine but it would of course hurt to lose one to them. At least we could possible steal McDowell from them... and we did steal Webb out of their back yard.
Oyster you said it best man: what they have we have better or more of. Bravo

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Panache?? LOL. One millions upvotes.

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Only Jamarco Jones knows for sure, but as UFM said a verbal commit may only mean you're in their top 3.  He got some big love yesterday, and I imagine some early commits want a bit of the late attention. Hopefully on Tue he's one of the Dream 14!

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The confidence MSU fans/sites/recruiting people seem to have in flipping Jones from OSU is annoying. You go to one BCS game in the entire BCS era and all of a sudden you are the flagship program of the conference I guess.

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That is why I am SOOOOOOOOOO thankful for this site. I hate, hate, hate ESPN and all those other sites. They are so ridiculous. The people their are smucks and do not know how to have an intelligent debate wihtout getting all personal. Sorry had to vent a little because I know what you mean... 

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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It's schmucks. I only correct you because I love Yiddish slang.

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I don't like the fact that the staff is asking us what the answer to this question is. I flipped a coin. It came up bad news.

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I think it is just put out there for a topic of debate. I don't think even he knows where he is definitely going.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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I hope we make a statement and beat msu by 28+ next year. Just to show they were a one hit wonder.

As far as JJ i wish him the best either way, just really hope that is as a buck!

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Not sure if Jamarco's been on MSU's campus before, but when I was taking college visits, I visited both schools.  No offense to MSU or anything, they are a great school, but I remember feeling underwhelmed by everything they had to offer in comparison to Ohio State and other schools I was considering.  And this was in July when the weather was beautiful.  I know that this is a personal anecdote, but I gotta believe he's a Buckeye unless MSU absolutely blows him away.

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I voted yes but if he goes elsewhere then I guess he didn't want to be at OSU in the first place. 

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