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What's the bigger impact on Ohio State?



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In the long run Vrabel leaving would be the bigger impact, but short term would be Miller staying. Vrabel would have had a job here at TOSU for as long as he would have wanted, the way he was recruiting and coaching.

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Came on to say exactly this.  Although if Miller can win the Heisman and lead us to a national championship, I would think that would help us in the medium run too given the recruiting impact it could have in the next few classes.

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i was going to say the same thing.  Coaches and players come and go, TOSU remains! (I still wish Coach Vrabel was sticking around)

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Buckeye Heart has the answer - just depends on the short or long view. 
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Position coaches, especially good ones, come & go, and move around all the time.  With all the crap the fan base is putting his friend Luke Fickel thru, why does anyone think he'd stay here?
His friend asked him to come home & help out when MV was still playing in the NoFunLeague.  Otherwise, he's probably just retiring from those big pay checks about now.  The move is a career enhancing move, no matter if he plans on staying pro, or someday coming back to cfb.
Bottom line, impact?  Of course.  As long as a suitable replacement is named, the impact will be very short term.


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Vrabel is very unique in what he brings to the table. All-American, 2 time B1G Defensive Player of the Year, 13 years in the NFL, All Pro, Pro Bowler, 3 time Super Bowl Champion, and all around good guy. The poster boy for "what a degree from tOSU can do for you." Oh, let's not forget, he's on the Ohio State All-Century Team and a member of the Athletics Hall of Fame. When he comes to your house to sell the Buckeyes, he's walked the walk. Meyer can hire another coach, but it takes a Spielman to replace him.

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YES! Man - I'm just so bummed Vrabel is leaving. Can't fault him but it's a shame to see him go. My favorite coach outside of UFM - actually, Vrabel is my favorite coach period I believe...Who knows - maybe one day he heads back after learning from some of the best in the business & becomes OSU's HC one day.

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JT Barrett anyone? I'm not that concerned with Miller staying or leaving.

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Who has yet to  play a snap of collegiate football. Are you a member of the "Anyone but Miller" club?

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I'm actually a little surprised the vote is so close.
I mean, I'm as big of a fan of Vrabel's as anyone, but if Miller was gone, we would be starting (STARTING!!!!) A QB who has either only thrown the ball 2 times in a college football game or one that hasn't even played at all in a college football game.
Position coaches and coordinators will come and go and I'm sure Urban will find a good replacement, but to have a Heisman favorite QB back for another year greatly exceeds the impact of having the D-line coach come back. Just my opinion though.

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Miller coming back is only delaying the inevitable, a new QB will have to step up at some point in time.  The amount of experience will still be negligible based on what we saw with the staff rotating in the 2nd/3rd string this year.   

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Right, but if the new starting QB was Kenny Guiton, I would totaly be on the other side of this.

Miller coming back gives the Cardale and JT a chance to come in and play in garbage time or if Miller ever gets hurt and has to come out (he will). Think of how many times in the past couple years that Guiton has had to come in for Braxton. It may only be for a few plays, but it's still live experience on the college level.
Plus, instead of JT or Cardale being the scout team QB in practice, they will be taking reps with 1st team players. I think that will make a huge difference.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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I hope they change their philosophy on pulling starters and getting MEANINGFUL playing time for the other key positions then, because they could have started rotating players much earlier than they did last year (in my opinion).  That is one thing I always gave Coach Tressel credit for, he got game experience for the younger players in more than just the waning minutes of a game.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Oh so Braxton will be favored over Winston for the Heisman next year?

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I would say that I have faith in Urban finding another good LB coach to replace Vrabel. Great guy and seemed like great coach. I think the issue with position coaches in CFB is they have to spend ungodly hours on the recruiting trail. It is apart of the maturation process of being a good coach (eye balling talent). I am very happy for him. I think Millers decision will have a bigger impact on us for next year while finding a good LB coach could take a while (maybe get lucky?). Either way, we should be fine. Go bucks!

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Who's Braton Miller?

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Yea and who's this Mike Vrabel guy too, doesn't even sound like a real name... 

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I'm a big Mike Vrabel fan, ever since his playing days. I'm happy for him, and hope he makes it back to Columbus somewhere down the road.
But I voted for the quarterback over the defensive line coach here.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Players will always have a bigger impact on the on field product because they are the ones playing.

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It's a different day, and I agree with your point Nick.
But I can vaguely remember as a young lad my relatives talking about the Buckeyes.
Aside from Archie Griffin, the only Buckeye most of them knew was Woody Hayes.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Vrabel leaving is definitely a blow, but remember two years ago when many were questioning if he was really the right guy to be on staff as a coach (with his limited coaching experience?).  I think he's easily answered the question, but it just goes to show how many truly great position coaches are out there.
Two openings on the defensive staff, after the way this defense has performed, seems to be a blessing at the moment.  It is a chance to shake up 50% of the staff and hopefully change the overall philosophy a bit on that side of the ball.  I don't like it that Vrabel is one of those now being replaced, but that's not to say OSU couldn't get someone else who can mesh as well, if not better, with the new philosophy.
Braxton coming back does two things - it hopefully ensures there aren't going to be any huge questions on offense.  Him leaving means a completely green QB, a new RB, new go-to WR, and almost an entirely new line.  At least there is some continuity there, not to mention he's a Heisman-contender for goodness sakes!
The other thing it does, is it gives J.T. Barrett a chance to get his feet wet with some game experience, and a chance to lead a huddle in hopefully a non-pressure situation.  By all accounts he is the next leader in line at OSU on the offensive side of the ball, so give him a chance to get acclimated to playing the game, and for his teammates to gain even more confidence in him as a QB for the next year.

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Vrabel was a very, VERY effective recruiter.  His leaving will be felt in the area of recruiting significantly, and will be seen over the long-term for sure.  I'm sure whoever comes in will be top-notch but a 10+ year NFL veteran with Super Bowl Ring(s) like Vrabel has a lot of cachet with recruits and will be difficult to replace.
Braxton Miller staying for one more year could have a positive effect as well.  There are a lot of positions where the starters will be new so defenses will be keying on Miller, so he will need to improve greatly to be as effective, and become a much better decision-maker because there will be much less margin for error with the new faces on offense.
IMHO the greater effect is the loss of Vrabel on the recruiting trail, certainly in the long term.  

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I think what everyone is forgetting is vrabel is taking a dl position in the nfl which does open the possibility that if he were offered a better position at osu he could come back. Braxton on the other hand would have been done for good. 

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Cleverly worded question! Reminds oneself of the bright side of the situation.
Look, honestly having Vrabel coach at OSU at all was a luxury. I think he was always destined to coach at the next level and any time we had him was just bonus.
Vrabes, you will be missed!

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Cant believe how upset I am about him leaving. Its close to Tress stepping down. Feelsbadman.

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It's he who stays that counts, leaving is so soon forgotten. GO BUCKS!

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Vrabel leaving.

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Braxton Miller will be here and playing next year so, to me, his impact will be bigger because he can determine what happens in the here and now.  I have always been a huge Mike Vrabel fan and on a selfish level hate to see him go.  
tOSU has always been bigger than one person and though Coach Vrabel will be dearly missed, Braxton's return as QB is critical to next year's success.  Go Bucks! 

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In Braxton I trust!

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I say Vrabel leaving is bigger at least until we see who his replacement is.

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Vrabel leaving stings a bit but with no one of note behind Braxton, next year would be tough. The kid is a warrior and, even though his passing hasnt been jaw-dropping, he has made some great plays, and maybe next year he'll have it all in order and hopefully let it all hang out.

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If Miller declared for the draft; Ohio State would lose 3-5 games with an inexperienced quarterback. 

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Have to disagree for two reasons. First being the schedule and the only game I think we would really have a tough time winning without him is @MSU. Second, I think that JT Barrett would be the new starter come fall if Brax left, and I think he is going to be a really good QB at OSU!

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Vrabel leaving has to be the bigger blow because losing a really good up and coming coach and amazing recruiter is tough, but we have a couple really good young QBs that could replace Braxton. I love XBrax and all that he brings to the table, but I do think JT is going to come out and be a much better passer. I know it is tough to replace the experience Braxton has, but with UFM and Hermann I have no doubt that we would manage with a new signal caller.

“Success is the inner satisfaction and peace of mind that come from knowing I did the best I was capable of doing for the group.”
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Braxton is being undervalued again.

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Placing Braxton above Vrabel is placing 1 player for 1 year over the future betterment of the program. This topic is insane. 

"...and when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze. And we'll drink to old Ohio till we wobble in our shoes."

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In that year Ohio State might have it's best chance of winning a national championship.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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You can't be serious. That's just a ridiculous statement. 

"...and when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze. And we'll drink to old Ohio till we wobble in our shoes."