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Will OSU men's basketball win the regular season Big Ten championship?


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I'm an optimist, but it will come down to the final game in Columbus against Sparty. 
Perhaps a shot by Lenzelle Smith, ala Willy Buckets, to put the dagger into MSU.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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During his time at OSU, I referred to William as "Bill Butter" because his J was so smooth. He took a lot of guff from the fans, but Buford was a really good player for the Bucks.

We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, we're from O-HI-O!

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I think they can do it as well!  I have faith in Matta and the guys to get 'r done!!
Go Bucks!!

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Admittedly not as knowledgeable on the courts as I am the field, but I'm thinking Sparty has too much firepower than Ohio State this season.
But......defense does win championships. I hope Matta and company prove me wrong.

"Success - it's what you do with what you got" - Woody Hayes

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I think Sparty is probably the favorite, but if the offense keeps developing (need Slam, Loving and ADV to be solid of the bench), I could see the Bucks taking it.

We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, we're from O-HI-O!

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I'd say MSU is also the favorite, but watch out for the Buzzcuts this year.  They are the most complete Wisky team I think they've ever had.  Wouldn't surprise me if they take it - they have a strong schedule advantage over both OSU and MSU.  They only play each team once, and they're both at home.  They are probably actually going to make it past the second round in the NCAA tournament this year.  As for the B1G regular season, it's going to be a tight.  OSU can definitely win it, but if you put a gun to my head, I hate to say it, I'd go with Wisconsin.  (Bo Ryan is still a shithead).

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Gotta believe.  A swarming defense on the perimeter, some really good transition guys, and enough buckets from Q and Zelle should mean this team will be in nearly every game.  Not a ton of blowouts with an average half-court offense but good luck scoring more than 60 against this team.

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I think Sparty wins reg. season & we win B1G tourney.

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I still think they need a go to scorer to step up.  It seems like Ross and Smith fit the bill, but they sometimes disappear.  I would like to see Shannon Scott be more aggressive as well.  Good things happen when he is in attack mode.  He can finish at the rim and he is very good at finding someone when he is collapsed on.
I think teams are going to play a lot of zone on us as well.  We play a lot of two point guard sets and rely on pick n rolls.  Once they go to the zone, it forces people to make shots and reduces Scott and Crafts impact.

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I voted NO.
But.....there are a lot of OSU players with significant upside that could make this prediction happily....wrong.

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Here's to hoping we're both wrong! Cheers!

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Hard to say yes at the moment.  The bucks are capable of putting on a defensive clinic, but you never know what you're going to get offensively.  MSU is also loaded, so theres that.

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Our defense will make us a contender for sure. Just not too confident in our ability to score points consistently. The B1G is going to be very difficult to win for any team this year and I think 6 teams could make a run for it: Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan and dark horses in Illinois and Iowa. Minnesota will be annoying, Indiana is still a good team, and even Nebraska wont be as much of a walkover as they usually are. Need Q to put up some big offensive numbers. I think its amazing that Craft isnt a shoe-in for 1st team all american and on the list for national player of the year, the guy is automatic defensively each game and can score when needed. 

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can score when needed.

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Nah, and I'm ok with it. They will struggle against teams with a pure Center. Or if they get a whistle happy ref. 

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Yes,Yes I think we can win the B1G. Peace and Go Bucks!!!

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I think so, in fact every year I assume we will win the conference in both football and basketball because we have dominated both over the last decade.  Wisky does have the schedule advantage with OSU and MSU being 1 plays at home, but it takes more than a schedule to win a conference.  We will have a lot clearer indication next week at this time once we have played up at East Lansing.

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this is a good team full of great guys who are a blast to cheer for, i just think there are too many flaws on the scoring side.  but hey, we have the whole angry coach thing nailed down with Coach Matta, maybe the underdog role is what they need?

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This team has the defense to do it.  Offensively, probably have enough, but you never know what can happen throughout the course of a season - who gets hot/cold at the right/wrong times, etc...

Class of 2010.

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I'd say it's probably 50/50. I wouldn't be surprised to see another 3-way tie going into the last week.