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Who is the better defender?



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It's not a dig on Shannon Scott by any stretch of the imagination, but Aaron Craft is just crazy good defensively; best I've ever seen, at least in college.

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Questions you hate to answer:
Who do you like best, your Mom or Dad ?
Which one of your kids do you love the most ?
What's better, bacon, or bacon ?
Who's a better defender, Craft or Scott ?
Gun to my head ? I pick Craft. 2 completely different skill sets though.

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Mmmmmmm, Bacon!

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Shannon is a really good defender but he over pursues at the top of the key and allows dribble penetration way more often than craft. He can do this somewhat because he is surrounded by good defensive talent but I think there have been a lot of plays where Shannon's man beats him with a crossover and the rest of the defense is forced to collapse with good results for the opposition.

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And that is the type of defense that doesn't show up on any stat board. 

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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Next question: "Which tailback is/was better, Lydell Ross or Carlos Hyde?"
Couldn't help it. ;)

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Scott plays passing lanes better. Craft is unbelievable on the ball, keeping his guy from penetrating and taking the ball from anyone that's nearby

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Both are ridiculously good. I gave the edge to Craft because he draws more charges and five second calls than Scott.


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You'd think Craft drew more charges than Scott, but not anymore. I linked to Luke Winn's power rankings this morning. As a shortcut, here is Craft's Turnometer:

And here is Scott's Turnometer:

With the Delaware and Notre Dame games added to the data, I expect Scott to go over 8% next week.

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I love that pic of Shannon flying in to block a punt.

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Craft is a better on ball defender but Scott is better at help defense and playing the passing lanes. Either way they are both incredible defenders but each has there own strengths. If I had to choose I would take Scott because its rare to have great help defenders like he is whereas I have seen some fairly great on ball defenders (not quite as good as Craft but close)

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Who gets put on the opposing best player?  Exactly.

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Amir Williams, obviously.

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The answer is yes. 

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This is a lot closer than everyone thinks.  Scott is the most underrated defender in the BIG and maybe the country.  There is times I start to think Scott has passed him and Craft will make a big play. 
There is just no one I trust more than Craft to guard the other teams best player on the last possession and the game on the line.

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Hahaha Craft by 96% yeah that sounds about right.

Football is complicated...

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This is the most lopsided poll I've ever seen. I went with craft but expected it to be a little closer.

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Who is the better point guard would have been a much better question IMHO.  Scott gets better every year and will have an awesome senior season. 

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Shannon's a great defender, but gotta give it to the Craft y senior!

Go Bucks!

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The poll may be lopsided but I think we can all agree it's such a blessing to watch these 2 fellas out there together every game.

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