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Which Ohio State defensive assistant is a head coach in 2014?


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Don't YOU want to see how Everett Withers does someplace else?!?

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High school? Maybe.

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Went with both mainly out of hope that we can see a huge change in the defense next year... one can wish right?

“There are some people addicted to alcohol, some people are addicted to gambling,” Luginbill said. “Urban Meyer is addicted to football, and he’s addicted to winning.”

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Me too.  Gotta be someone else we can bring in.

Dan Isaacs

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I picked neither. I would have picked Fickell, but what school/conference do you see hiring him right now? Let me know if there is one paying more than his job now that thinks he is good enough to be their head coach. We can cross Bowling Green off that list with this criteria.

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I hate to see Luke getting so many negative comments thrown his way.  I don't think I have seen an educated, unbiased assessment of our defense.  I am as frustrated as the next person, but is it coaching, or personnel, or both?  If it is coaching, then is it Fickell, Withers, Coombs, or someone else.  I think having co-defensive coordinators is not the best idea to begin with.  And how much did Heacock contribute this year?
I did see an opinion months ago about how we cannot measure defenses the same as we did in the past because of the changes in offense, the obvious change being the high powered spread offenses.  To me that makes a little sense.  You almost have to play a "bend, but don't break" style and hold them in the red zone. 
Here's hoping we see the return of the Silver Bullets in the coming year!  The recruiting is one reason to be hopeful.

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Opinions vary on how to defend the spread offense.  It has changed things for sure.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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I'm still not entirely convinced that Fickell is the problem, and we darn well know that Vrabel isn't. Withers and Coombs are the issue, I suspect. Connor Cook and Devin Gardner both looked like Peyton Manning vs. the pass defense, while the run defense has been fairly solid all year, although somehow the entire defense seemed to regress towards the end. Hopefully they can do something to slow down Clemson in the Orange Bowl. 

...and Michigan still sucks.

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You always want your team to improve as the season goes along.  
On offense, Miller was doing a much better job of staying in the pocket and reading progressions before taking off on foot in the early part of the season, and that fell off toward the end of the season as well.  
I don't see either of these guys leaving for a HC position right now.  I've been wrong before though.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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I thought you had to perform at current job to get a head job.