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Who is Matta's best defensive player over the last 10 years?



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How is this even a question?  LOL

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Oden had 105 blocks in his 1 season with the Buckeyes, or 3.3 blocks per game. That's with his limited time at times because of injury. That doesn't count all the other shots he affected simply by his presence or drives to the basket he stopped because they knew he was back there waiting.

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Greg Oden was a beast on the defensive end. I remember tons of blocks and he was always back there ready to clean up anyone who got past their perimeter defender. How crazy good would OSU have been on defense with Craft on the perimeter and Oden down low?

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I say David Lighty simply because he could guard all positions in a pinch.  I don't see that ability in the other choices.

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All of them? Kind of a tough question as they all did different things very well. Craft is the best on-ball defender that Thad has had. Oden is the best low-post/help-side defender that he has had. Lighty is the most versatile defender that he has had and Scott may end up being the best off-ball defender that he has had. Who is the best at their respective roles? Probably Craft but it is close. All of these guys were extremely good on the defensive end. 


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"Craft is the best on-ball defender that Thad has had in the history of college basketball."
I think this is what those that voted for Oden/Lighty/Scott or Conley are missing. Its not just his defensive prowess, its the way he does it....Dominant.

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To me...

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David Lighty was the epitome of heart and soul and effort.  He was like a Swiss Army knife, great utility guy that could do a lot of things out there on the court.  However, in terms of pure defense, got to give the nod to Craft.

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Oden changed the entire game with his D. Craft is a close second IMHO.

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Oden. All of them very good of course, but it wasn't a hard call for me.

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David Lighty because he was far more versatile and could guard the other teams best player no matter the position. Craft is a great on Ball defender but he isnt that great at help side d compared to Lighty

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The Villain? He was a pretty good defender.

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It's amazing that this is even a conversation. With as good as Craft is, you'd think it'd be put to be. The scary part is that they seem to be getting better. IMO:
Conley and Oden were naturally talented at their positions.
Lighty was extremely athletic with a tremendous work ethic and could guard almost every position.
Craft just continues to refine his art.
Thad just keep cranking these guys out and they're only getting better!

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