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Where should Ohio State rank in the BCS Standings?



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I'm not touching this one with a ten foot pole.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I will !!!
We should be #2. Started the season at #2, longest win streak in D-1/Nation. We have done NOTHING to lose that ranking, NOTHING!!!!!!
The only lose we suffer from is the mouth pieces at ESP(I)N !!!
At the time I post this, 25 votes recorded, and 75% have us in third. Really folks ???
Poll on SportsNation shows why ESP(I)N talks like they do.
Vote people, stand up for our boys.

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I struggle with this. I believe rankings should only be predicated on the accomplishments of a team for this season, not last season. Based upon that, I have Ohio State at #3. Looking at the resumes... Florida State has the best win (dominating @Clemson) and hasn't even been challenged to this point. We can debate if Clemson is a top 10 team, but they are a good football team and FSU made them look silly. Alabama has wins @Texas A&M and they beat LSU at home handily. Ohio State's best wins are Wisconsin at home and then? Northwestern on the road or Penn State at home? Baylor's best win is Oklahoma, not exactly a great win, but still a good team. Baylor's resume isn't much different than Ohio State's. All four teams are very close with Florida State getting the nod, based on having the best win to date and dominating every game they have played.
So I go with:
1) FSU
2) Alabama
3) Ohio State
4) Baylor

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I believe rankings should only be predicated on the accomplishments of a team for this season, not last season.

That SHOULD be the case, but it isn't.
If it were, every team would start the year tied for 1st place. 
There's a reason that Alabama was 1st in all of the human polls to begin the year (and OSU was 2nd for that matter).... It's because they preformed so well LAST year.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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True, but not only last year, also the PERCEPTION of what a team lost to graduation or early to the draft and what talent & experience they have replacing those losses. 
Polls shouldn't come out for at least 4-6 weeks as there is usually some huge misperceptions in August. See any preseason top ten that fell completely out of the rankings as the season played out. Or the reverse. 

ONE Not Done!

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I mean, I guess if you want to ya know, just not look at what other teams have done all season, then go ahead.

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These first 30 votes are very interesting......77% 3rd. I wonder if the lead will change throughout the day?

ONE Not Done!

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Two things:
1) Chise47 above is correct in that we never should have dropped from 2nd place.
2) With that said, based on who we have played compared to Bama/FSU, I do believe 3rd is accurate.  However, if/when we beat Michigan and MSU (mainly MSU) we should jump FSU into 2nd because......Duke?!!*
*Not saying we will jump to 2nd, but I am saying it would be appropriate.

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On 2, who has FSU played that is more impressive than us? Maybe Clemson? If we end up playing MSU for the B1G that's a push IMO....
edit: you seem to have forgotten that had Wisconsin not gotten hosed by ASU they are a top ten team. 

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Re: Wisconsin's loss the ASU. There is no guarantee they hit the field goal at the end. I can't buy that argument.

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You can't guarantee that they don't either...
The point is, the officials cost them the chance to win the game.  They even apologized for it.  I saw somewhere that in one of the computers if they changed the outcome of that game, Wisconsin would be 10th. 

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I agree with you, no guarantees on field goals. I think Wisconsin is very good and was shorted a chance to win the game, but the statement implied that if the officials had spotted the ball quickly, Wisconsin would have won. That simply is not the case.

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Had the officials simply done their job we would know whether the field goal was made or not. We were denied the opportunity to even know. As it is now we are left up to wonder. Although Kyle French is 100% from that range.

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I agree with CHISE47, above. OSU started at #2, that's where they should still be. I am peeved about how the polls move teams up or down based on "style points." It's a very flawed system, IMHO.
You have voters with axe's to grind and agendas(ESPN supporting SEC team's rankings).



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I said third and if Baylor wins next week and everything else remains the same I think we should be fourth.
I don't agree that because OSU started #2 they should remain there because I think preseason and early season polls are more flawed than the polls we have now because they are based more on past season performance, program prestige, and expectations of players returning.  I honestly don't think that polls should come out until we've seen teams play a few games and because of this opinion, I can't subscribe to the theory that if we started #2 we should stay there.

Read my entire screen name....

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Until someone beats us we should be #1...the longest win streak in major conference D1 football.

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Praise Jameis! I see the error of my ways...the buckeyes should not be ranked at all, I mean look who thay lost to...ooh wait...

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Guys, its the current players and coaches who are responsible for the conference being down.
Guys, it's the current players and coaches who are responsible for those two national title game losses.
Guys, it's the current players and coaches who are responsible for the tatgate scandal.
Guys, it doesn't matter what Ohio State did last year, but it matters what Alabama did last year.
...What's that? You say none of this is true? That's crazy talk here at the ESPN water cooler. I have nothing against Alabama, FSU or Baylor. They are all great teams deserving of whatever accolades they have received. But unfortunately, this is personal and I have no choice but to root for utter failure from all 3 teams.
Go Oklahoma State. Go TCU. Go Texas. Go Chattanooga. Go Auburn. Go Idaho. Go Florida. Go Duke? Go Tallahassee Police Department. Ohio State started out the season #2 and hasn't lost yet, so I voted that they should still be ranked #2.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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"Go Tallahassee Police Department" ..... that's Gameday sign material

Yeti's have feelings too.

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How dirty did you feel saying Go Florida, Go Auburn or Go Duke?
Had to be tough to type those words.

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lol tallahasse pd! if I only had 100 upvotes to give. good stuff. 

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They still should be #2.  Why are we so disappointed in a 25 point road victory?  Why does the ESPN headlines say Ohio State survives, but Baylor Rolls?  Why do they say Bama had a very workman like performance when they struggled?  Perception is powerful, and the media controls it....

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I totally agree that the media is spinning perception against Ohio State.  I think the B1G at the top (OSU, Wisconsin, MSU) are better overall than the top 3 in the ACC and Big 12.
Still, I'm not happy with the defense giving up 28 points and letting Illinois return a punt for a TD (there goes our stellar 3 yds allowed on punt returns all year).  I'm disappointed in the D because it makes me less confident about how we'd play against Alabama or Florida State.

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I agree, and I'm sure the coaching staff is just as disappointed as us.  My point is, everybody has a down game or two, but why is a 25 point win considered a down game?  It sure wasn't for Baylor.  Alabama wasn't criticized for a close game with Mississippi State.  In fact they were praised for it, because great teams find a way to win, even when they have an off day. 
As far as confidence against those other teams, I'm torn.  My fear is that a repeat of 2006 could happen, and set the program back to the stone age.  But I've heard this stuff before.  I remember how we weren't going to be able to stop the Oregon offense.  I remember we had no business playing the 'Canes.  So I say, lets win 'em all.  Destroy anybody in front of us no matter who it is, and no matter what happens we can laugh at everybody else that has to deal with being beaten by an unworthy B1G team. 

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Yeah, I think a 25 point win is a good one overall, but it was a bit disappointing to allow 35 points on defense/special teams when I know we can play better than that even notwithstanding injuries. 
I think we can beat any team in the country if we play well and I want a shot at the title.  However, the defense does make me a little nervous that a team could use sustained drives to limit our offense and beat us (a la Iowa).  I was hoping the D turned a corner after 2 great games, but this let down leaves me with a lingering uncertainty.
I'm really not too concerned about perception unless it costs us a shot to play in the title game.  I was worried before the season about how OSU would handle the praise of being a #2 team.  (That was short-sighted with the current state of the media!)  I think Meyer has the team right where he wants them psychologically--knowing they are good but are vulnerable if they don't play well.  The disrespect will give us an extra edge in a championship game if we can get there.  The conspiracy theorist in me likes to think Meyer orchestrated this "under-achieving" undefeated team on purpose, though I admit that's unrealistic.

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We should be 3rd right now, but we should be in the conversation for 2nd if the top 4 win out.  Wins against Michigan State and Wisconsin would be better than Florida State's wins.  The Clemson win was impressive and dominant, but the rest of their wins come against mediocre and bad teams.  However, their won't be a conversation because the media dismisses Ohio State and the B1G without critical analysis.

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Based on where the Buckeyes started the season, our boys should still be ranked #2. No losses, and no actual close games except Wisky in which we coasted to the finish from half time on rather than keep the hammer down. Having not lost in the Urban era to this point only goes to further my resolve.
Based on the "eye test" I'd say 3rd is a good place for them to be. FSU has looked like a friggin juggernaut all season. Bama has looked good, but not invincible at times, especially this past Saturday and whether we want to accept it or not winning 3 out of 4 MNC's is worthy of note. Sure there has been massive player turnover in that time, but Satan, er I mean Saban is still the coach and with him being the ESPN anointed king of the NCAA Bama will always be in the top.

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So far, this poll is lending credence to Herbie's 5% thesis.

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I'm fine with us being 3rd. I'm even fine with Baylor passing us.
What I think is complete BS is both of those things happening but Alabama still being number 1. If we are just looking at this season, just looking at who has beaten whom, FSU has the strongest resume. If Baylor wins against the other OSU, then *they* should jump to number 1.
Of course, I also think that previous poll rankings shouldn't matter a lick when deciding who is ranked where every week.
Just remember, the only poll that matters is the last one. Still plenty of football to be played.

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Alabama has been largely unimpressive this season, with the exception of their defense in a few games against awful teams. Regardless, they haven't earned the #1 ranking right now.

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Trying to say where Ohio State "should" be ranked in the BCS requires understanding computer polls, which are insane.
That said, 3rd or 4th makes the most sense.  You really can't make a compelling argument for OSU over Bama or FSU at this point.

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I say #3 for us right now.  Florida State should be #1 and it should be unanimous at this point.  Alabama has struggled (I use that term as compared to our "struggles") in three games this season.  Florida State has not struggled at all in any game and has played better football teams.  Statically they are on pace to have one of the best seasons of all time (734 Points Scored - 155 Points Allowed).  Alabama has shut bad teams down, but when they played an offense with a pulse (A&M) they struggled.   

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Voted  Ohio State  number  1  were  22-0
Ohio State  so called supporters have  a chance to vote us number  1  and  we get a  3  WTF.
You wonder why the media does not  respect us,own site votes us  number  3

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It's called being realistic. We might be 22-0, but Bama is the defending champs and undefeated as well. You can't use that logic for us and not them.

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Bama looked stellar Saturday night against Miss. State. Get a clue, Cincy. Quit hating on the Buckeyes

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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Dude, take off your tin foil hat and grow up. We looked "stellar" against Buffalo, Iowa, and NW...what's your point, other than hypocrisy? It's not "hating" to have the opinion that Bama and FSU should be 1 and 2. It's called watching the games and formulating an unbiased opinion, you should try it sometime.

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Welcome to the 21st century. Tin foil has not been manufactured since 1949.

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