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You get one former Buckeye defender from the last 10 years to suit up this weekend. Who you got?



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We need a safety this weekend,and why not take. Mr. Doss

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Canton Crippler for sure. No receiver would be safe in the secondary.

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I took Jenkins for that same reason (he's switched to safety for the Saints) because he's better in coverage than Doss was.

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Agree with that about Jenkins. But Doss, like Bryant, could lay the hurt. 

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Doss or Donte (W)Hitner

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I second the Donte (W)Hitner vote. Great in run support, good open-field tackler, and as seen here, not shabby in coverage.

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Malcolm - especially against these pass happy outfits.  Not too shabby in run support either

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I can see why some chose Doss. However, I think a LB core of RDS, Grant, and Hawk would be absolutely terrifying.

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I would like to see what would happen with Shazier, Laurinaitis, and Hawk as the linebacker trio. Venric Mark would have a valid excuse if he peed his pants.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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Will Smith:

It would be hard to pass up anyone on this list, or even Gholston or Heyward, but Will Smith is/was the kind of player that made all the others players on defense that much better. (It would be really hard to pass up the leadership of Doss but, I thought Doss was over ten years ago since he graduated in 2002 and played his last game in the desert on Jan 3rd, 2003...)

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Not hating, but in 3 years you'll be thinking of Spence before Smith.  :)

Dan Isaacs

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I hope Spence ends up even better then the 1st Team All-American and National Championship winner Will Smith was at OSU. That would likely give us some really great years! (Also, if the same exact question is asked in three years, Will Smith wouldn't even be an option as 2003 was his last season.)

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Matt Wilhelm!!!

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Agree - Matt Wilhelm

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Wow, talk about the hardest poll question ever. My first inclination was to go Doss or Jenkins, to sure up the secondary. I almost pulled the lever for Doss with the injury to Bryant this past week. I ended up going A.J. Hawk though because we are deeper at safety currently than LB. And RDS and Hawk on the field at the same time? That would border on an unfair competitive advantage.

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Yes!....Exactly how I thought..Upvote

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Yeah LB is tempting as it would help so much in a position of need, even more than safety IMHO. But I go wild card and say Wil Allen. "Where there's a Wil Allen, there's a way." was the motto of the 2002 team, and we all know how that turned out.

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Asking me to choose between Mike Doss and AJ Hawk is like asking me to choose between my two kids (and my kids are twins). Good poll question. Mike Doss, please - he's the safety we need, and a "eader for the ages.

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you know you have a favorite...

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Sorry. Given our current needs, I've got to go beyond a decade in the Buckeye past.
Moreover, a resurrection or a time lord is required to suit him up.
My choice:

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Love me some JACK!!! Good call baby boomer.

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Jack would throw a forearm shiver to the head of an unsuspecting NW wide receiver and be ejected on the first play.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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No, no, no... he would be allowed to play with the rules from his era!  It's only fair considering we're making him wear that old helmet.

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You're way ahead of me. Jack Tatum was my first thought too. You want a safety? He's one of the best I ever saw. Receivers didn't run through the middle without  their heads up more than once against Tatum.


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I chose Doss for the obvious reason.  I think that Hawk would be great as well, I'm just not sure how many plays there will be 2 or 3 LBs on the field and I'm certain that both Safeties will be on the field for every play.

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It'd be cool to Return to Malcolm Jenkins' Isle again.

Maybe invite Ginger.

Or Mary Ann.

Or both.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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both - that way you avoid the question

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I picked Gamble.  Dude played both ways and was good.  He could recreate his interception against PSU against Nerd U.

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I was thinking the same thing. I'll have Gamble play defense and score a pick 6. Then later on he can help run up the score on offense.

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Then, when he is done, he could sweep up the stadium and run concessions.  I loved Gamble, dude was fierce.

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I thought only boobie miles did all that. Paint the deck, walk the dog and mow the lawn as well. Is chris gamble boobie?

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" It's real good whatcha done Anthony, real good ! "

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I'd prob play AJ.  He was extremely good in pass coverage as a LBer, and was obviously great against the run.  He would do a great job on slot receivers

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Same. Hawk is my all-time favorite Buckeye.

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Yeah, but Lil Animal was better in pass coverage,a nd faster.  I'd rather have him in this game.

Dan Isaacs

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I don't think Laurinitis was heads above AJ in pass coverage; at best you can see they were even however I submit as evidence AJ had a pick 6 against Kent in 2002 and his int against Vince Young & Texas in 2005
As far as speed- check the combine / pro day results. AJ was a mid 4.5-4.6 guy while Laurinitis ran a 4.9 which was part of the reason he slid to 2nd round


I gotta admit, out of all the polls I've seen over the last year this one is the hardest choice to make as they're all freaking awesome. I'd say Doss simply because of Bryant's injury, but to see Hawk paired with RDS would be SICK.

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I voted for Gamble because of his versatility and they what he would create by having 2 lockdown corners and (another) punt returner.
I think you may have changed my mind with the thought of RDS and Hawk in the same backfield, just nasty!

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I immediately thought of Antoine Winfeild.  Whoops, last 10 years.  I'm thinking Gamble but maybe I just have rosey thoughts of the MNC team he was on.  With the injury and team we face this weekend, gotta go with someone in the defensive backfield.  Give me Doss or Gamble.

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I'd let my opponent pick the guy... eff it

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I say we bring Robert Reynolds back and get Kain Colter out of this game early.

Seriously though, I would pick AJ Hawk.  Having his presence in the middle of the field was a thing of beauty.  Extremely tough list to pick from - I'd love to see any of those guys back in S&G.

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Of all the things in my life that I've had to make a decision on ... this is one of the hardest and I just am not sure if I can pick one and justify it over the other ... 


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I'm not as worried as the players on the field as opposed to the one that will be off it this week. We need a boost of leadership on defense and in my mind there is only one choice: John Simon. He fills the leadership gap left open by Bryant being out.

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We're missing #2, why not replace him with fellow #2 wearer, Malcolm Jenkins? He was a bad dude.

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Because Doss wore #2 and played the same position...

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I went with 33, but damn this was a tough poll question. John Simon was the only one I didn't consider only due to the high amount of confidence I have in our current DL. 

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I sort of thought that too in this poll about Simon. But the way Urban talked about him is enough to make me think twice. It's like a broken record but there has to be something to it: chemistry, leadership and the intangibles seem to have more weight than the tangibles to many coaches. Think about that team in '02 and recall what every player said: "We loved each other like a family" There was a family feel with trust, dependence, and leadership. I am sure Urban would love to have Simon back for another year. Admittedly, he was the first I eliminated from the list too, and that's saying a lot about the others on the list.
And not to mention Simon's tangibles weren't bad either :)

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I voted for Hawk.  One of my all time favorites, but being honest, I was there in Evanston when he played in 2004 (The only time NW beat us the past 42 years).  It was more about philosophy.  We got bubble screened to death.  And had to endure Zwick as our QB and Hall/Ross as our RB rather than playing freshman Pittman, who ran harder than both of them combined. 

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These two will be there ...

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Doss last played 11 years ago.

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He gets grandfathered in for playing one game in 2003 (01/03/2003).

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I think I might remember that game 

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Doss, not to take anything from any of those listed as I would love to have any of them back. But Doss because of his drive, determination, passion and leadership skills and his athleticism. I recall Doss closing a window that seemed open on more than one occasion. So did those other guys, but I just think Doss was the man. But Gamble sacrificed probably years of his life playing on both sides of the ball like he he's a close second for me. Great question!
*edit* I did not read the question completely. Not that it would change my answer, but I did not read the question all the way through (my teachers always busted me on this) and got excited. I answered it as if we got one of those guys back for the entire year. For the Northwestern game I'd still like to see Doss help out in the secondary, with his stealth bomber skillz he'd be a nightmare.

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I picked Doss, but how about some Cie Grant (11 years?) to go with some C. Grant? Joey Galloway got the two confused earlier in the year.

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I voted for Hawk and Doss would have been my second choice.

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I voted Gamble, largely based NW's offensive style.  If I were answering this question before the Wisconsin game I would have picked Hawk.  After the Wisconsin game, I would have picked Gamble.

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Make it 15 years so I can choose Antoine Whitfield.  

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meant Winfield of course. 

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My favorite OSU DB I ever watched.  What a complete and punishing tackler, amazing for his size!  ...spelled Winfield btw :)

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Since the end of the Wisconsin game saw the loss of a safety who wore #2 and was a tremendous leader, I will take another safety who wore #2 and was a tremendous leader.

Class of 2010.

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Malcolm Jenkins?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Always take the best option available, and don't worry about an immediate need.You will make more money in the long run. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Roby and Gamble lining up against your top 2 WRs... You can't throw on that, period.  I would look for 3 picks in that game.  That would be an absolutely legendary CB tandem.

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Im going with Hankins, If you go watch the film on him he consistently reset the line of scrimmage 2 or 3 yards back even when double teamed he was an absolute stud (not saying our Dt's aren't good now they just aren't Hankins.)

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Gamble. We can leave him on for 100% of the plays......

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No love for Will Smith? We need a pass rusher with all the tools and experience so why not Smith?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Question: Can we suit gamble up on defense, offense and special teams? Yes? I'm taking Hawk or Doss. I went with Hawk but either would do. Both are everywhere the ball is all the time.

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This may be the best poll question ever posted on this site...
In a pretty much win/win situation, I went with Hawk, simply because imo he is the greatest Ohio State LB of all time so I don't think its ever bad to add that to your team...
Thinking about it more though, against an offense like Northwestern's I should have voted for Laurinaitis... his versatility would be huge against NW, given how great he was at not only stopping the run/being a sure tackler, but also dropping into coverage on passing downs and his knack for grabbing interceptions... I'm surprised he isn't getting more votes here...

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Give me Matt Wilhelm! What a beauty...Just re-ask the question and say last 11 years!!! 

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I said doss...for the same reasons as you all have stated. Need a safety to fill the glaring hole left by bryants unfortunate injury.

I was tempted to say simon. To give him his sendoff he never received last year due to being injured against michigan and no bowl game. John simon deserves one more game in the scarlet and gray. What better game than at night in what may be the toughest test of the season. He would will this team to victory while making nightmares comes true for northwesterns backfield. Just a thought...

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Would love Roby and Jenkins opperating on either say. If Roby's playing the way he's capable (had a couple of okay but not great games lately, his ceiling is much higher), with the two of them locking down either CB spot, we could play without a 2nd safety and it wouldn't bother me a bit!

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Where's the Big Kat? 
EDIT: Nevermind...I saw that it said from the last 10 years....slaps head.

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This must be what it's like for Urban and Herman to decide who to put in the backfield this season. So many choices! Thanks for reminding me how good it has been. I do love defense! 

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No love for Simon? I think the biggest void on our team this year is leadership, and you know this guy will bring it.  A vastly underrated player who makes everyone around him better.  While you can't go wrong with any choice, I think Simon would make the biggest impact.

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Went with Doss, good in coverage and great in run support. I was really tempted to go with Jenkins or Gamble. However, Doss seemed to be a vocal leader, which is ultimately why I chose him.

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I went with Mike Doss.  With the loss of C. Barnett, we need a vocal and emotional leader on the defense that will lay the wood in run support and be stellar in the pass defense....

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Did something happen to barnett too? Thought it was only bryant who was out.

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Shawn springs....

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I love some Shawn Springs, but he played in the 90's.

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How about big Vern Gholston? Watch him tear people's arms off and beat Chad Henne with them! 

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After watching a vaunted running offense light up our All American corner I'm ringing up one of the best shut down corners to ever grace The Shoe. Chris Gamble.

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We need help in the secondary with Christian Bryant getting hurt.  So I went with Mike Doss. I would love to have him back there for the rest of this season!
Go Bucks!!

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Gamble.  We never lose with that dude on D.

MN Buckeye's picture

I picked Gamble for all the reasons mentioned above.

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Doss all day. I just had a level of confidence in the defense when Doss was on the field. Like if a play needed to be made on 3rd or 4th and short Doss was going to get the play ball carrier stopped. Though I feel like that might happen now anyway with The Shazier.

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Went with Hawk. With the way Northwestern plays change of pace offense with multiple QB's, I think Hawk would have a much bigger impact than a DB in this match. C'mon,  Hawk with Shazier.... almost not fair.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Anderson Russell


luckynutz's picture

I know its sarcasm. But this still hurts my feelings.