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Who is the best wide receiver in the B1G?



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The Big 10 has a lot of very good wideouts and Philly Brown and Cody Latimer are in my top five. However, Jared Abbrederis is making all the B1G DB's he's faced look bad.  I like Allen Robinson second and Kenny Bell third. 

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I wonder if Robinson would get more votes after Saturday?

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Very good point.  Abbrederis has the immediate name recognition not only because OSU recently played Wisky, but he seems to have been playing for what seems 5 or 6 years already.  Robinson is a relative unknown at this point as far as exposure against OSU.  For what it is worth, I picked Abbrederis, based on his entire career of great plays. 

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Of course. 

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Anybody that can make Bradley Roby looked confused has my vote.



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For the current 5 percent who voted for Gallon, how dare you put logic above loyalty.
Now to be a total hypocrite, as much as I want to vote for Philly, it's probably Abbrederis who proves each week that white men can in fact jump.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Apparently nobody watches Gallon or wants to acknowledge his skills...
I'm more worried about Funchess though

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Abbrederis....he's been very consistent, if not excellent, for a preferred run first offense.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Not sure if there has ever been a repeated poll question, but I think this question would be better asked on Sunday morning.

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Abbrederis over Robinson? Haha.

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Abbrederis as #1 is hilarious. Robinson is good, but I'd take Philly over him. Give me a receiver who run blocks any day of the week.

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Only 24% of 11w readers have seen Robinson play.

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No kidding. That was my take when I saw these poll results.

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Kenny Guiton gets my vote.


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Why isn't Funchess on this list? :o

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I thought Funchess was a tight end?

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anybody who makes Roby look like a freshman has to get my vote; the only result that could change because of Saturday would be a tie

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I like Kenny Bell, although I am admittedly swayed by his fantastic pompadour. 

And also this: 

Catching comes secondary when you have things like this going for you. 

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If I remember correctly Bell actually broke the shell of that defenders helmet. He is an outstanding wideout. Allen Robinson  and or Kenny Bell get my vote. 

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