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Which team does Ohio State match-up with best?



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Spread offense with very very talented QBs that can complete passes all over the place would destroy our defense. I think Alabama's more pro-style would be a better match up, but still, its Alabama. With our coverage the way it is, it wouldnt be very pleasant playing any of the three unfortunately. 

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Yeah, I basically NOPE'd at all 3 of these. 

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I said Oregon, on the strength that I think our Offensive line & Defensive line is more likely to win those battles in the trenches. Stanford has a formula with beating Oregon that we can emulate and we've also stopped the Duck's attack before.
After watching the Iowa game, I'm not sure we want to line up against Alabama if they also employ a triple TE set or through out 2 extra OTs and decide they want to run the ball like Iowa did. I'm more concerned about losing the line battle there especially with their strong fast backs in Yeldon & Drake, and then their bulldozers like Derrick Henry and our lack of depth at the LB position. 
If their RBs get to the second level, I'd think we'd be in trouble at this point.
FSU's offense is more vertical and I think they would give our young DBs fits with that WR corp and I don't think any of our Safeties or LBs could cover O'Leary. FSU made Clemson look overrated and this point, I'm not so confident that they couldn't do the same to us. 
Now is this saying we can't play with these guys? Nah, definitely not saying that, but we've definitely got some work to do.

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 we've also stopped the Duck's attack before.

Not trying to be that guy, but this isn't the same Oregon team that OSU played in 2009.  Not even close.  Mariota runs WAY better than the guy OSU played against then and their WRs are MUCH better.  I'd take Bama ten times over than playing FSU right now or Oregon.  I could see OSU being blown out by these high octane offenses (Cal sure didn't leave me feeling wonderful about match ups vs fast paced offenses.  Considering Oregon and especially FSU's D are way better than Cal's D).  Bama's isn't as fast tempo or as quick as the other two offensive teams.  Plus, it's the SEC factor...who better to knock off (kind of like the mighty U back in 2002;-)

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You're talking about Jerimiah Masoli.  I would not agree with your opinion:

"Mariota runs WAY better than the guy OSU played against then"

See example below.


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Good post Gametime.  I agree, and I'm kind of shocked at how many think we match up well with Alabama. I think with the secondary issues, play action would kill us. Especially after they ran at us with no LB depth. They would probably try to isolate or run at Shazier to force the other linebackers to make they plays.  It's hard to say at this point.  I like our chances against Florida State the best of those 3.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I shudder to think what Oregon or FSU would do to our defense.  That said, I'm not sure anyone stops our offense (besides our offense).  I still like our chances better against a more traditional attack, even if 'Bama's defense is better than the other two.

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Yeah, at this point I think it is 'Bama. It's kinda funny to say that, but with A.J. being the least mobile out of the 3 team's QBs, and the fact that the tide is a power run team. So yeah, I guess it is 'Bama. 
FSU looked stupid good on Saturday night. Maybe Clemson was a smidge overrated? I don't know who is gonna beat the Seminoles. Maybe Miami. I don't think the Gators have a prayer.


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After watching FSU completely dismantle Clemson on Saturday,  I want no part of them right now.

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You have to go with Bama when you look at the offenses of Oregon and FSU.  There's not many defenses that can stop those 2.
I think FSU is the best team in the country hands down.  They are really impressive, and Winston is the frontrunner for the Heisman in my opinion.

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Clemson is not a good team though.  They've been on the verge of losing the last several weeks.  If they hadn't beaten a bad SC team, this would be no surprise.

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Yeah, that close win against now-3-loss Georgia is looking less and less marquee as the season goes on.

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Still think I want Bama regardless...

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Does it currently seem that either of these 3 teams would have their way with the OSU Defense? Yes. 
Let's try to be rational, instead of saying Fickell needs to be fired. I'd be lying if I said during games that I don't shout for the defensive coaches to get axed but a) I have no idea what I'm talking about and b) refer to point A. Iowa had an excellent game plan and executed it almost perfectly in the first half. But guess what? Adjustments were made and it was a completely different story in the 2nd half. That they gave up an 80+ yard touchdown to a tight end is a little concerning, but besides that the coaches figured Iowa out.
If everything falls into place and OSU gets in the national title game, I am confident that Urban will have a superb game plan. I also like that OSU would go into the game with quote unquote no chance in hell to win. They will have nothing to lose, exactly the mentality you want. 

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Just like the 2002 Miami game... I like it.  

Loving all things Buckeye from SEC country in Alabama.

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As long as the coaches put the defense in good positions, I think we can beat Bama.  Now the other two I'd be more worried matching up against...for sure.  I really just want Bama due to the SEC and Nicky Satan factors.  Urban the Dark Night vs Nicky Bane...I'd pay for that.

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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I only say Oregon because of this: of course my hope is we can back in to the NC, but if none in the current top four lose out the rest of the season I hope FSU jumps and stays at the #2 so we can get a marquee matchup against Oregon in the 100th Rose Bowl. I would love to see that. It would be the Playoffs minus the "and one" and would piss off lots of people. But the other thing is I would rather play an undefeated Oregon than a one or two loss Stanford/UCLA, and you know they're going to do what they can to get the B1G vs. Pac 12 traditional matchup.
*edit* plus wouldn't it just roast those ducks if Dontre Wilson returned a kickoff for a TD and frustrated the Oregon defense? LOL

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D)  whoever wins the Big XII

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I don't want a part of Baylor offense either really. We have the best chance of stopping Bama's O, and I think our O can put points on anyone. 

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I think we'd match up better with Alabama than the other two. IMO more so on the offensive style that a lot of people are saying, Bama has a traditional Pro-Style offense as opposed to the Spread (we typically have problems defending this style), but the way we are playing, defensively, all three are reallllllly tough matchups at the present time. 
Ask me again at the end of November I might be thinking differently. 


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Yeah, can I change my vote to "none of the above?"

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I would agree with playing Bama. I would love to knock them off their perch that's way up in the air. The SEC is so errogent and they get away with anything. How does a coach giving a player $ not a MAJOR rules infraction????  With proof of a paper trail on not 1 but 2 different instances. If that was TOSU everybody would be all over that like white on rice especially the NCAA. So that's the biggest reason why I want to beat the $#%t out if them. As for any of the other teams, FSU looks to be 4 real this year. A complete team. But yes our D has issues but they seem to always step up no matter who we play or what the circumstances are. They blow this and get runt that but they have stepped up every time when they have needed to. Something that the great JT teams had a problem with on many times. (Texas at home, USC at home, Texas in the bowl game, etc.) this team does have to get the D str8end out if we want to WIN the NC. But all we have to do is get in and see what happens. Any team can get up on the big stage and blow another team out. Sure a team can lay an egg. That's the beauty of CFB, every Saturday is different and the same team that beat another team by 40 last week can have a let down and get snipped in the ass the next week. I believe that if we get in we can win it all, no matter who we play. But I still would love to knock off them Bama boys. ROLL HYDE!!!!!!!!

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Oregon's D sucks, we might be able to come out on top in a shootout
Bama is pretty solid on both side of the ball though...
FSU would just kill us with their passing game

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SEC.  Only way to get over the 'hump'.

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I don't like how we match up with any of these teams. By no means do I think we would get destroyed. However, the inability of OSU's defense to play disciplined assignment football is going to hurt us eventually. I believe Roby is overrated. That may be blasphemous to say on here, however I have yet to watch a game where he has been a shut down corner. All 3 receiving corps have a guy that would work over Roby. (By the way, don't think he should have been ejected)
We might get a decent pass rush against Oregon, however, there quick passing game will nullify that. FSU's o-line looks very stout! Alabama's will be just as good!
The bucks are a much improved team. However, I believe that this is not the year. The polls don't like them, and they haven't done anything to change that perception. 19 game win streak against mediocre opponents doesn't mean a whole lot.