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Other than Michigan, what remaining game interests you the most?


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Penn State. Why? It's a night game, and Raekwon McMillan will be on his official visit.

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Indiana can score...

Ahhh, the smell of Chris Spielman's Dirty Socks...

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Indiana - after what they did to PSU

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UCF beat up on Penn State as well. Their defense hasn't been all that great this year.

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Right now...Indiana. They might be legit. 

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Kevin Wilson has Indiana going in the right direction and Purdue seems to be too terrible to be concerned about, even if there is some powerful Voodoo in West Lafayette.

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Gotta watch out for the Hoosiers... especially they way the Bullet's secondary has played at times this year...

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Not getting why anyone would be worried about Indiana.

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So? It's in Columbus.

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The question was interests, rather than worried, and Indiana seems more interesting than any of the other options.  I wasn't worried about them last year, and they are more confident and at least as explosive offensively this year.  If not Indiana, which of these teams gives us the most competitive game?

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Unfortunately, Purdue. :(

But i'm praying for a 2010 performance from Ohio State.

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Other than BUCKEYEINORLANDO, didn't really read where anyone was "worried" about Indiana. The question was, "Other than Michigan, what remaining game INTERESTS you the most?"
But really, Indiana is improving, which is a good thing for the B1G. They have 11 players on the field at the same time as does OSU. You have to respect your opponent.



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With the way Penn State has been playing this year, that loss wasn't all that surprising.

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The season is half over already, I am interested in all of the games. 

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Six more games until Indy.

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Unfortunately, you start to get that empty feeling in your gut after The Game.  The excitement of the bowl games is there, but you know that the end is also right around the corner and then the long winter sets in.

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and then the long winter sets in.

And back to complaining about recruiting. YAY!

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Luckily for me, I don't get wrapped around the axles about recruiting.  I pay attention on signing day and that's it. 

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@ Purdue. 

They're terrible, but I don't remember the last time we walked in there and won comfortably. 

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2007. And Purdue was ranked at the time of the game

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It's rude to post something like that. :/

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Even though Purdue is having a rough year, anytime I see @ Purdue on the schedule have I have nightmares.


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Indiana will be ranked when we play them.  Mark it down now...

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The Next Game always interests me the most.  

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If this had been the poll three days ago, I would have said Iowa. After watching Sparty sleeper hold them into submission, I'm not as worried.
It's gotta be a toss-up between Indiana and Purdue. Indiana because their offense is legit and we barely beat them last year; Purdue because of 2000, 2004, 2009, and 2011 (and, to be honest, probably 2012).

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Indiana is the only choice in my opinion. They have a good offense w/ some talented playmakers. Plus, it is the game before The Game. Can't be looking ahead to the matchup @ TTUN.
Iowa might be pose a little threat since we are coming off a bye and might be sluggish early on.

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The BCS Championship?


Not sure how they lost to Navy, but they seem to have turned a big corner in beating PSU for the first time, evah.

And 49 points last year. And our pass, uh, defense right now.

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Beware playing in Illinois. They didn't name it Sham Pain for no reason. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I like Hackenberg. The kid has a bright future and we need to step on that team early...

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I voted Purdue...simply because we haven't had much success there and they always seem to give us fits no matter their record. 

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At Champagne never seems to be an easy place to get a win. But I will take the Hoosiers. Better coach and he has his team playing well. 

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Iowa, because I have tickets. 

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I said Penn State for the same reason.

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Penn State losing to UCF doesn't surprise me, they beat GA a few years ago in the Liberty Bowl, my first and only Bowl so far. Penn State losing to Indiana did. The question being what game interests you most, at this time I'd have to say Indiana, they ran and passed against Penn State. Michigan is at Penn State this week and then at Home against Indiana, while Indiana is at MSU and then at Michigan. If Indiana does well in those games it may be the best game left. Penn State is going to get up against us and will consider it, it's Bowl game, I think with our secondary having troubles Indiana and Illinois will give us the most trouble there, but our D-line has improved quite a bit so maybe not much threat after all. I'd say Indiana, then Penn State, then Illinois. One thing I am glad about MSU is not on regular schedule, I think if we play them in B1G Ten Championship we'll win but we have work to do.
Go Bucks!

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Agree with most other pollsters here on IU.  After watching games this past weekend, I firmly believe they'll be our toughest game (a lot based on style/matchup) until Michigan. 

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Indiana worries me a bit because of the syle they play.  I think Nate Sudfeld could be an NFL QB if he continues to develop.  I have watched him a couple times and I think he throws the ball about as well as anyone in the conference.  

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What does it say about PSU that Indiana is leading?
Wow have times changed.

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I'll be at the Purdue and Illinois games, so they interest me but it's Penn State that has the most interest for me.
Being a November 16th game in Champaign, I'll probably begin thawing out right around Rose Bowl / BCS Title game time

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I went with Indiana because they played us tough last season and they beat State Penn last weekend.  Kevin Wilson was a good hire for that program.  Hope he stays around for awhile and maybe turns them into a respectable football program...

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Indiana. Shocking offensive production in the second half last year. Lots of "act like you've been here before" wins over teams a Big Ten team should handily beat. The Navy game was a hiccup, but soundly beating under-manned Penn State team is good evidence of development. This isn't 1988, so I don't expect anything but a two-plus touchdown win for the Bucks, but might be entertaining.

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Penn State will be no problem... Their defense is horseshit and we are guaranteed a pick 6.


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None of them except the lolverines. Thank God Ohio State Basketball is starting soon.
Seriously, I cant believe how pathetic the B1G has gotten in football.
It's disheartening.