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Will Ohio State top 700 yards of total offense against Florida A&M?



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Im going No because i think our D and special teams will keep us in a short field all game.

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Maybe if you add in the punt return yardage ...


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It's only happened once in the past 100 years. The most probable outcome is less than 700 yards. 

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Possibly if it was a dry, sunny day.  Not a chance with all the rain and sloppy field conditions.

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At first I thought no way but consider how bad this team is and how good our 4th string rb is I think it is possible.  

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Is it very possible? Yes. Will it happen? No. Coaches will shut down the game in second half.

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Its 50/50 depends how good our backups play in the 2nd half

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NO - come on guys - there is no need to put up 700 yards.  Game will be over by halftime and we will run the ball the second half..nothing to prove by running up the score.

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My thoughts exactly. It's not that OSU isn't capable of putting up 700, but I think (hope) the game will be out of hand by the end of the 1st half, and with Cardale Jones, etc. in and up 50 points, I think they'll take their foot off the gas.

700 yards is more likely in a high-scoring game against a competitive opponent that is a fight up through the 4th Quarter -- ala Nebraska last year (we had over 500 yards in that one, but I could have seen even more had Nebraska kept it competitive through the 4th quarter).

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603 yards of O.  There is 0 doubt they could have easily topped 700 yards if they passed in the second half.  

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