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Three weeks in, have your expectations of Ohio State's 2013 campaign changed?



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My completely realistic expectations that they never lose while UFM is coach & win all games by 50 points always....will never change.
sarcasm font not needed.

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^This guy's a Buckeye fan! My thoughts EXACTLY.

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No.  My expectations still remain high.  I think they can make it to the NC game or at least a BCS game.  They can do it!
Go Bucks!!

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Same here, the sky is the limit. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I still think they run the table but because Oregon looks to be the real deal we end Up playing Stanford in the Rose bowl.  Still a great season but the BIG really let us down this weekend so an undefeated PAC 12 team gets the nod.  

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It's a long season and Oregon hasn't played well against Stanford.

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Didn't get a chance to get on the website much at all this weekend...I can tell you that my expectations have changed but it's not because of the performance of this team...
The B1G is an iceberg to the Titanic that is Ohio State's strength of schedule.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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I totally agree, but on the other hand, it'll be pretty hard for anyone to deny a team that has won 25 straight games...

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Also hard to predict what's going to happen to the other teams. Could be injuries, off-field issues, or just poorly-played, flukish losses (looking at you, Brady Hoke, almost loser) that might happen between now and the end of the season. Just keep winning.

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So far so good, but the defensive issues in the secondary are a big concern of mine. Miss tackling is still prevalent and our offense is smooth with Kenny G but not as sharp as I thought it would be and outside of Dontre I havent seen much of this new speed (mainly because of the freshman still understanding college football). I expected us to be on par with Bama and Oregon in regards to how we look and as of right now its adjusted just a little bit. The Cal win brought me back as I think we played very well but we are improving so I still think we can make the national title game but right now I am just expecting a B1G title.

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The expectation to win the NC is still the same, however, the expectation to dominate games and win convincingly (especially on the defensive side of the ball) is no more. SOS aside, I have a feeling tOSU is going to have to tough out more close games than I would have originally hoped for.

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My expectations are always the same. I expect to win every game, I'm heartbroken with every loss. 

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I am still not sure why everyone is freaking out about the defense.  It is light years ahead of where it was at this time last year and has a lot more overall talent.  They were very solid the first two games and while they may have had a step back this week, that is likely the best offense we'll see all year.  Also (while I am not a huge fan of this type of argument) if you take away the first fluke TD where Roby didn't even realize the guy had the ball and the late hit on Shazier that kept a drive alive for a TD (another fairly flukey type of play) then we gave up 20 points.  Still not ideal, but against that offense a decent performance.  I have plenty of faith in our defense the rest of the way.

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Maybe you missed the part where our top DB (who wants to play in the NFL, but came back to raise his draft stock to 1st round status) pushed a guy towards a 62 yard touchdown instead of tackling him? 
Lack of discipline among the players who aren't new to the system is disconcerting. Having not corrected it in year two is even more worrisome! While I admit that the Cal quarterback is going to put up some disgusting passing numbers this year, they still pantsed us on occasion and that will not do if they even want to think about playing in the NCG.
The offense will eventually have an off game, and so far the defense hasn't done much to show that they can keep the team in the game.

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oh yeah, because NFL corners never make mistakes like that!
get over it! You bring up a single play yet gloss over the fact that Roby held a player who has averaged over 100 yards to just 51 and saved at least 1 touchdown. Also he got 7 tackles and 2 passes defended. Not saying those are top draft pick numbers yet he is a heck of a lot better than most on his worst days.
The fact that Alabama gave up 600 yards and 42 points must mean their defense sucks too. "oh but that was against Manziel". The Cal offense can rival many, many offenses including TAMU.
but keep being negative about the defense.

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I've seen major league baseball players drop routine fly balls, and they make GAZILLION $ per catch.
I understand many in this fanbase want and expect absolute perfection every step of the way, but it just doesn't work that way. You learn more from your mistakes. Hopefully.



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My expectation was and IS to be undefeated through the B1G Championship game and hope that a spot in the MNCG is waiting. All the BUCKEYES can do is take care of business every time they take the field. 3 games, 3 Ws- so far they are right on schedule. 

ONE Not Done!

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Of course not.

I expect I'll be rooting for them week in and week out.

All the way through to the week of January 6th, 2014.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Nope. Still Natty appearance or bust for me.


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So if OSU were to drop one(God forbid), you'd go fishing or hunting on Saturdays instead? You know what that sounds like to me?



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I only voted yes because the way OSU's defense plays at times worries me.  I don't think OSU's defense can beat anyone in the top three as of now besides Clemson (and that's a toss up IMO).  Oregon would be a disaster after watching the Cal game.  Bama would be a tough game but we still lose that due to lack of run stopping defense at this moment (ie tackling...again).  
I still think OSU can run the table in the B1G with scare games against NW and potentially Indiana.  Yes, I said it, Indiana (their offense plays a style that apparently is cryptonite to OSU's defense).  TTUN being the odd one out at this point.  Akron...really Sun and Blue guys? And I can see Wiscy posing problems with their three running backs but not that much to beat OSU in prime time under the lights.  

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I was hoping Braxton would be significantly improved in his read-option decisions, and he's not.  Was also hoping the defensive coaches would play our starting DBs tighter to take away the underneath stuff, and they aren't, at least not yet.
That being said, we're still good enough to be deserving favorites in every game until January, but does that mean we're better than Oregon, Clemson or the top SEC teams?  I say not yet, but maybe by then we will be.

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I think the best indication of what we'll see from Braxton is that first quarter against Buffalo. And keep in mind that he didn't have all of his weapons and they hardly used any creativity in the playcalls.
Kenny's been great, yeah, and we could still go undefeated with him at the helm, but I think we're all sleeping on Braxton. He looked GREAT in the first game.

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We haven't seen Braxton in a real game yet.  Like preseason polls, I think some of you guys need to withhold your reactionary opinions until later in the season.

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This team isn't complete and is still a work in progress. That is a coach's worry and a coach's job to remedy.
 I expect and have faith that our coaching staff will do their jobs and get this team where they need to be. That said,
As a fan, I am not worried. 
As a fan, I can't remedy shit. 
As a fan, my expectations are fully intact.
*nostril flare -  Them boys are hungry for some victories, and they're gonna get what they want.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Nope I still expect us to run the table and hope to see 'Bama or Oregon in the title game. All the SOS talk will cause the media to proclaim how over rated we are and how much better the other team is and Urban comes out with a pissed off football team ala Florida '06. The defense has some work to do but they are talented and I have confidence that by Jan. 6th they'll be ready. 
Prove me right boys 

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Love this outcome. Loved the naysayers of the rose bowl against Oregon when EVERYONE counted us out...still my favorite game

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Not at all! Why? Because this team might not be blowing teams out but they are getting battle tested. The more they get challenged, the better prepared they will be in the end. These teams that everyone, including some on here, are comparing OSU to are getting huge blowouts. What happens when they face a team that will put them behind and force them to change their gameplan just a bit? they won't be ready for that and most likely fail like they always do.
Undefeated Pac-12, ACC and SEC teams are rare. Why do I believe OSU can go undefeated? because they have done it before. And I see a team that can do it again. If there is anything that this team has shown so far, its grit. They will fight if challenged. They will make a play if needed!
nothing has changed my mind and I see things getting a lot better. Just think, 3 games in and the starting QB and starting RB have played for a combined 1/2 of a game. Tell me another top team that is 3-0 that can say that?

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They don't call you the Master of Squirrel's for nuthin'.....................well said.

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Everyone needs to stop crying.
I wanted a NC before the season.  OSU is 3-0 and the offense is clicking.  The defense is a much better spot now in the season compared to last year.
And oh...that's without the starting QB playing a full game so far.
Go 13-0 before you start talking about OSU vs another school.

I like the bux.

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No, I just think it's going to be hard for the Buckeyes to get into a National Title if alabama & oregon goes undefeated we will not get into the National Title. I've always said that alabama loses one game and we will play oregon for the National Title.
National Title is my expectations and prediction is we play oregon!
Go Bucks!!

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That's right. I think that there may only BE 2 undefeated teams, and whether they're in the SEC, PAC12, or B1G is all that remains to be seen. Those two teams will play for the NC game no matter what.

The only thing that's new in the world is the history that we have forgotten.

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Yes. I'm expecting the defense to put it all together and shut somebody out before the end of the season. Really, is that too much to ask?

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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FL A&M...hopefully - that one should be a shut out. 

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My expectations every year are high, very high.  Maybe unrealistic, but that won't change them.

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Rose Bowl or bust (Jan 1st or 7th), I'm not picky...

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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Yes only if the Defence does not get better i still think we can make NC game but if they don't fix the tackling we could be in trouble.