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Does Ohio State hold Wisconsin under 120 yards of total rushing?



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I forcefully disregard rationale and football knowledge to vote yes.

Silver Bullets stacked in the box to start.

Ohio State offense scores early, often, establishing a big lead.

Andersen unchains Stave, Abberderialphabetis blanketed by Roby and the pass rush ensues.

Sack yardage accumulates, negating efforts by ballcarriers Gordon/White.

My answer is part homer, part I just want to see this defense dominate the game, all Buckeye.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Starting like we have is KEY to holding them down in yardage.  IF we score 3 TDs in the first quarter (we necessarily would have gotten them off the field rather quickly, not allowing 70 yard, 14 play marches by the Badgers)  Then we have a chance as they are going to have to chuck it around in a failed attempt to catch up. 

ONE Not Done!

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The big first quarter for the offense sets this stage, then the defense has to perform without flaw into the second half.

Heading into the stretch I'm hoping to see Ohio State work their own brand of power run ball control to close this one out.

I know its a tall order, with what we've seen from this defense along with what we know about their offense.

But I'm ready to see it.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Roger that Hove... It's time to


HOVE, I’m with you, part Homer? Yes, and I just could not bring myself to vote “NO”

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Generally like Brent Musburger, but I know I'll be irritated at his pronunciation and inflection when he talks about Wisconsin WR Jared Abbrederis.  Hopefully Roby goes lockdown on his azz, or Musburger will only get worse throughout the game.

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I don't really see how any team can hold Wisconsin to under 120 yards but I'd like to say that your comment makes me want to agree with you, in EVERY WAY. Everything you said is perfectly stated, has plenty of logic, and has the added extra of making sure that all of Wisconsin's players names are spelled correctly so I now know exactly how to pronounce the Badgers leading receivers name.
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Perfect comment!!! Go Buckeyes!!!! You are the man!

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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I wish we did.  I think it'd be a blow out if we held them under that mark..  But honestly, not a chance in hell do I think we will.

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For a team that is primarily focused (offensively) on the run, if we hold them under that total for the game ... it won't even be close. 


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No.  That's a very tall order.  Keeping it under 200 will do, and we will win by 3 scores. 

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Wisconsin will get their rushing yards but Ohio State will have more points at the end of the night.


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The second part of your sentence is the most important stat of the game.

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Seeing that Wisconsin's only strength on offense is rushing, I think they'll stick to it all game and get probably in the 150-175 range.  It's not going to matter though when the Bucks throw up 40 or 50 points on the scoreboard.

"As long as we're keeping score, we're gonna try to win this thing." - UFM

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Wisc gets at least 150 yards rushing but they can't keep up with our offense. We beat them by a minimum of 2 TDs.

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I highly doubt that our Buckeyes score at will against wisconsin in the same manner as they did against the cupcakes and high school teams they have played so far. Think we might even see a 7 to 7 tie after the first quarter. I do think wisconsin will rush for at least 250 yards. I predict a final score of OSU 34 and wisconsin 24.

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I think we can keep them under 100yrds passing, and I think we can keep them under 350 total yrds. That is the recipe for a win. But they'll get their rush yards, it just won't matter.

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Do I think Wisconsin will run all over us with 3 100+ yard rushers? Absolutely not, but with 120 yards that means we'd be holding each runner to 40 yards. 
I think we'll keep them in check but 120 seems to low in my opinion. I'm thinking around 150 
Bucks still win by a couple of scores

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I voted "No" because that number is way too low. If we hold them under 200, I think that would be a good effort.
If the Bucks do hold Sconny under 120, this game is gonna be a blowout. The Badgers do not have the personnel to chuck it around 30-40 times to win.


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I don't think we keep them under 120 rushing yards.  But that doesn't matter because we WIN!  With an extra TD added on from the Silver Bullets! 
O   H

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I posted this in a different thread about being concerned with the Wisconsin rushing attack, but I will post it here as well:
The Buckeyes and Badgers have played every year since 2007.  That is three home games and three games on the road for each.  The offensive style and gameplan for Wisconsin has been essentially the same in all six meetings.  The same can be said mostly about the OSU defensive staff and their preferred scheme.  There is an interesting dynamic between the usual performances of the Ohio State defense/Wisconsin offense depending on the venue:
In the three games in Madison, Wisconsin has averaged 189.7 yards rushing and 151.0 yards through the air, for a total of 340.7 ypg.  Average score:  Wisconsin 21, Ohio State 20.
In the three games in Columbus, Wisconsin has averaged 73.0 yards rushing and 257.3 yards through the air, for a total of 330.3 ypg.  Average score:  Ohio State 34, Wisconsin 20.  This includes the abnormal game in 2009 where the Badgers held the ball for over 42 minutes, yet still only managed just 118 yards on the ground while the Buckeyes scored twice on interception returns and once on a kickoff return.
So, while the Badgers have consistently racked up approximately 330-340 ypg, they have struggled to run the ball in the ‘Shoe and have had to resort to throwing the ball much more.
While history does not necessarily have to repeat itself, the two teams’ schemes and personnel on these sides of the ball have been very similar over the past 6-7 years.  I expect to see much of the same on Saturday night.

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Some more data:
In the past three home games for the Buckeyes against the Badgers, they have held Wisconsin to an average yard per carry of 2.0.  That is compared to Wisconsin's season average during those years of 5.0 ypc.  In Columbus, on average Ohio State has limited Wisconsin to almost 152 yards below their season average over the last three meetings.
In the past three away games for OSU in Madison, they have given up 4.2 ypc to the Badgers, as compared to Wisconsin's season average during those years of 5.3 ypc.  In Madison, Ohio State has limited Wisconsin to almost 45 yards below their season average.
The last six seasons, Wisconsin has averaged 222 yards per game on the ground.  Over the last three years, the Badgers have really amped up the running attack, putting up 239 yards rushing per contest.
This is obviously a bit of a small sample size, but the performances by the OSU defense have been strikingly consistent depending on where the game is being played.

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I don't think OSU holds them under 120 yards rushing but I do think OSU holds them under 200 yards rushing.

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What is the significance of the 120-yard number?

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Wiscy does just like last year and will amass at least 200 yards of rushing.  However as Hovenaut said with part of his first post, the quick start will make it so these superficial yards won't amount to scores like last years game.  Ball had over 200 yards but OSU still won a close game. I just don't see it being as close as the "experts" are saying (hell most are saying Wiscy will win at the Shoe at night LMAO!).   

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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Yeah, keeping them under 200 yards rushing would be okay, but 150 yards would be much better.  I don't think we'll keep them under 120 yards, though.  They are clearly a run first team with some quality backs.  With that said, I hope our DL and LBs prove me wrong...

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We'll beat the spread, don't think we'll hold them under 120. 
If I could press a button to lock 120 in as their rushing figure for the game, I would press that button in a hot second.


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It doesn't matter if they get over 100 yds rushing, we need a 100 yd rusher. In 8 games when both teams have a 100 yd rusher, OSU came out on top in 7. The first time this happened was 1952. Alan Ameche who won the Heisman in 1954 got 105, the guy who finished 3rd in 1954 for Heisman Howard Cassady had 113, he went on to win the Heisman in 1955 and had another 100 yd game that year against Wisconsin. Before Howard Cassady another Buckeye who won the Heisman Les Horvath had 141 in 1941. Les Horvath was 1 of 5 other Buckeyes before Cassady to rush for 100 yds against Wisconsin they are Louis Fisher (1941-110), Paul Sarringhaus (1945-120), James Clark (1948-104), Charles Gandee (1950-145). OSU record during that time 6-2-1 The 4 games w/o a 100 yd rusher the Bucks were 1-2-1. In 1957 OSU's Donald Clark (previous year he had 151 yds) had 118 and Wisconsin's Danny Lewis had 103, both wins for OSU. In games between Loren Whites 153 yder in 1958 and Keith Byars 174 yds (Buckeye best against Wisconsin) 1983,  the Buckeyes were 8-2 in games without a 100 yd rusher. Ohio State had an additional 16 games with a 100 yd rusher (3 of theose games we had 2 100 yard rushers ) are our recod in those games is 14-1-1. Keith Byars followed up his best game with another good game getting 142 yds, but Mark Harrison with 203 yds  a Wisconsin best against the Bucks, went on to win that day. The next year neither side had a 100 yd rusher and Wisconsin won. In 1986 Vince Workman had OSU's second best day in rushing with 172 yds and defeated Larry Emery and his Badgers who had 120 yds that day. 107 for Marvin Artley of the Badgers got the job done in 1987. In 1988 the Bucks won with neither team having a 100 yd rusher. In 1989 Scottie Graham rushed for 152 and defeated the Badgers and Lionell Crawfords 108 yard effort. ESPN's college football commentator and Buckeye Robert Smith who had OSU's 3rd best game against the Badgers with 171 yds beat the Badgers that day. The next two games saw no 100 yard rusher and were split 1-14. 1993 Brent Moss led Wisconsin to its greatest victory* a tie against the Buckeyes with 129 yds. In 1994 Eddie George had 104 yds (in a win) and the next year he had 141 yards to Wisconsin's Carl McCullough's 102. 1996 was another drought for Rushing but the good guys won. 2 years of not meeting Ron Dayne shows up leads to his  Badgers to victory behind 161 yards rushing. 2000 brought Derek Combs who led the Bucks to victory with 122 yards the nest year. The Badgers Anthony Davis had 103 and the Badgers won in 2001. Anthony Davis returned in 2002 with 144 but not good enough to defeat the National Champions of that year behind Maurice Clarett's 133. In 2003 Booker Stanley led the Badgers to a win with 125. Anthony Davis took the year off but came back in 2004 with 168. Another two years with no game. The Bucks would win 3 in a row between 07-09, in 2007 Chris Wells had 169 in 2007 and 168 in 2008, no 100 yard rusher in 2009, but the Bucks prevailed. in 2010 John Clay had 104 against the Bucks and enough for a Badger win. 2011 gave us another game with both sides having a 100 yard rusher Rufus Ferguson had 136, while Dan Herron had 160 and another Buckeye victory. Last years matchup in 2012 saw Montee Ball with Wisconsin's second best day against the Bucks go down in a loss with 191.   
More on those games between Loren White and Keith Byars. In 1959 The Bucks lost no 100 yard rusher in the game. 1960 Tom Matte had 108 followed the next years 124 by Robert Ferguson in 1961. Between 1962 and 1965 no 100 yard rusher but Bucks won all 4 games. In 1966 Bo Rein had 109 yds in a win. Again no 100 yder in '67 but a victory none the less. Ron Maciejowski's 124-'68 and 108-'69 gave OSU two more victory's over the Badgers. 1970 another victory but no 100 yard rusher. 1971 gave us the first of 3 games with 2 100 yard rushers with Morris Bradshaw getting 123 and Richard Galbos with 100 (W). In 1972 the 2nd of those 2-100 yard rushers Harold Henson had 122 and Gregg Hare with 118 and yes another win. In 1973 Archie Griffin got the job done with a then best against the Badgers of 169 yds. 1974 gave us the 3rd 2-100 yd rushing games against Wisconsin Archie Griffin had 112 but QB Cornelius Greene had 146, that day and yes a victory. Archie Griffin became the first to have  3 100 yard games against Wisconsin ( Anthony Davis had 3 against the Bucks and is the only Wisconsin player to have more than 1 -100 yard game against the Bucks) he rushed the Bucks to a win with 107. In 1976 Jeff Logan with 113 followed in 1977 Ron Spring's 104 gave the Bucks two more victory's. 1978 saw no 100 yard rusher but the Bucks won. Calvin Murray had 135 in a win in 1979. 1980 another victory but no 100 yard rusher. 1981 no 100 yard rusher but this time a loss. 1982 I witnessed one of the worst losses in Ohio Stadium, Jimmy gale did have a 108 yard day though. It was the first time Ohio State Buckeyes had lost to the Badgers in Ohio Stadium. 1983 Keith Byars had the first of 2 100 yard games against the Badgers running for 174. As stated earlier 1984 we lost with Byars getting 142 and Mark Harrison getting Wisconsin's best against the Bucks 203, the first Badger to run for more than 100 yds in a game against the Bucks since Danny Lewis in 1957. They had an absence of 26 years without a 100 yard rusher. The Buckeyes had a 4 year absence between 1962-65. 
Sum it up
Bucks with 100 yd Rusher since 1941 against Wisconsin
All Games 34-2-1 0.932
Home     18-1-1  0.925
AWAy    16-1-0  0.941
Bucks when Wisconsin gets 100 yd
ALLGames 9-7-1  0.559
Home      3-3-0   0.500
Away       6-4-1   0.591
Bucks when both have a 100 yd rusher
ALL Games  8-1-0  0.889
Home         3-0-0  1.000
Away          5-1-0  0.833
Sum it up, we get a 100 yard rusher we win. I think we have a chance for 2 if B Millers knee is good, next week is bombs away, this week is smash 'em in the mouth
Bucks 42-17

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If you typed this whole article out, you deserve every helmet sticker I have.  Kudos to you Tennessee!

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Keeping them under 120 is too aggressive.  They'll cap that, but at most have 200.  And we can beat them if they're under 200.

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Tackling, tackling, tackling!  I was surprised watching Wiscy-Purdue at how often Purdue defenders were actually in good position to hold one of the Wiscy RBs to a short gain, or even a loss, but they Failed To Make The Tackle.  I think our DL will do fine, but the LBs and Safeties  must wrap up.  Gordon is the real deal, and can turn any seam in the defense into a TD.  If the Buckeyes tackle like they did against Cal --which was not well-- Gordon and White will make our defense pay.

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I voted no but I don't think the OSU D is going to give up a huge amount over 120.  I suspect somewhere in the 150-170 range.

Class of 2010.

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No way in balls its under 120.  Who the hell voted yes? 

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I voted No.  Just as long as we beat 'em I'll be happy!  Go Bucks!!

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I voted NO.I'm afraid  the game will be a scoring shoot out with the Bucks outscoring Wisc....and a few frowns on how our defense fails to perform.

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I don't know about 120, but if we tackle well and keep each of their running backs individually under 60 yards each (which I think is entirely possible) I will be very happy and we will win. It's going to be an electric night in the Shoe if the fans are half as excited as I am. Go Bucks!

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I would be pretty surprised if they did, but I also think Wisconsin could rush for 300 and still lose against this OSU team. Let's hope they don't test that theory out though.

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They'll rush 40 times, and I dont think they average less then 3 yards per.  Its just not Wisky style.  With that said, I want to see the good guys hold them to negative rush yards.  As stated, the key will be starting quick, so we can can control the clock and force them to play catch-up out of their comfort zone.

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Badgers have 50 yards on the ground at the half.
210 yards passing.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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104 total.
But not the way I had hoped.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.