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Who catches Ohio State's first receiving touchdown this season?



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I'm hearing good things about that Wilson kid.....

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I've said in a few other forums I'm calling a "dark horse" for the freshman stud against Buffalo, and it applies here to the question.
I think that Jalin Marshall will have the biggest day against buffalo statistically, and he is going to catch the first TD pass as well.


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A TE. Heurman or Vannet.

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I'm thinking Heurman as well. Long return on the punt/kick off, Braxton barely misses deep on the first play, long run from him or Dunn on the second, wide open TE for the TD on the third play. Lock.

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Amen   my choice exactly  !!!

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Joker Wilson. Wheel route out of the backfield.

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I almost want to second this, but I'm sticking with my Evan Spencer being the first to score a TD this season prediction.
That said, I'll piss myself with excitement at Little Bar if your prediction comes true.

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Chris Fields, because I said so. This is a tough call, especially when you start thinking about Braxton spreading the ball around. I went with the scientifically proven method of eenie meenie miney mo.

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CHOICES!!  So many choices, .....14 catches leading the team for a season seem so long ago......

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Evan Spencer, just to mix it up

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Michael Thomas.

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+1. It seems so long ago when we were so excited about this young man. He doesn't seem to be getting much love. Don't know what the issue is. Maybe just getting lost on the depth chart?



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Philly on a go route. 

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Jack Mewhort, on a tackle eligible.

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I see an opening drive of 8 plays, 80 yards, with a 5 yard td pass to Jeff Heuerman.

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Nick Vannett in the back of the End Zone

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Man I sure hope we throw the ball a lot to the likes of Hall and Eze out of the backfield. 

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X-Brax catches a TD pass from true freshman phenom Jalin Marshall

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Eze while looking silky smooth striding into the Ezone...

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Rod Smith on a little bubble screen,

In Urban we trust. That is all

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Devin Smith. Just like last year.

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Devin Smith on a bomb, first play of the game.


Braxton.  Throw back pass to the QB

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Jordan Hall shovel pass.

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Doran Grant on a pick-6.

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I really like your pick. Grant definitely has the capability of picking the Buffalo quarterback off and taking it it the house.

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brionte dunn. pass to dunn on a bubble screen.

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Muck Fichigan

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One of the TE.

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Went with Philly.  Evan Spencer gets snubbed on this list though.

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I don't think its going to take long, & with a flashback to last year (& a familiar face) Devin Smith reels it in for a quick strike.


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You could do eeny-meeny-miney-mo and still chose someone with a decent chance of getting right from the roster for that game.

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I voted Devin Smith but I hope it is Chris Fields...mostly because last year I bought a #80 jersey and have always wanted to see him succeed. I have to agree with a lot of you though, it could be any one of the many playmakers we have on offense.

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Noah Spence on a tipped pass by Bennett.  That counts right?

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Raleigh Buckeye

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I like Dunn on a screen pass.

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I'm saying Evan Spencer.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Braxton. I am still hoping my prediction of a half-back pass with the toss to Jalin Marshall (QB in HS) and a deep ball across the field to Braxton for the TD. 

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You think they will open that part of the playbook up against Buffalo?

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I like Warren Ball on a screen...

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I got one right!...woohoo