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Is this the year the SEC's Reign of Terror comes to an end?



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I like that team from Columbus, but there are some other legit possibilities (Clemson, Louisville, the Oregon-Stanford winner) out there.

Plus I'm beyond ready to see this whole BCSECSPNCAA thing just end already.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Congrats on becoming a mod.

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The Big 10 needs to win every bowl game it plays against ths SUC this year.  Win them all, shut up ESPN.  That is real motivation.

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Let's just hope the seeding isn't fixed to favor the SEC which has often been the case.

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Reign of terror?  Is that in reference to oversigning, paying for church additions and letting the players decide punishments?

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Pearls from the Oyster!

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IMO, we arent quite there yet. One year away. Braxton sticks around for senior year, as does Shazier...Buckeyes in 2014.

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I honestly think it has to be this year. We are going to lose 4 OLineman, 2 WR's (Fields & Philly), 2 RBs (Hall & Hyde), our starting safeties, Brad Roby to the Draft and possibly Braxton & Shazier. I like our chances more this year than next, but that's just me.  

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I disagree(didn't give the DV). I think the odds of running the table are better this year, than next. This year we have a favorable schedule, veteran offensive line, and Braxton.
2014, there is no guarantee Braxton will be back, the schedule is a bit tougher, we lose most of the O-line, and the 4-team playoff starts. And I believe we'd have to win two"playoff" games to win the NC after we bitch-slap the Crapperines in C-bus.
All of the planets are aligned this year, IMHO.



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I agree. And Braxton better be back or I'm going to go berserk.

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God, I hope so!

ONE Not Done!

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I was going to suggest that they make this response one of the options.

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I have mentioned this before but I don't think an SEC team actually plays in the Championship game. I could see Ohio State and someone like UL, Oregon or Stanford going undefeated as well. I don't know if that ends their reign since they won't lose in the game but I don't think they win it either. 

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I'm also predicting no SEC in the BCS NCG this year.
Unlike many years, the top SEC teams all seem to play each other in almost "round robbin" fashion. In particular, LSU, UGA, and FLA have brutal schedules.
Bama, South Carolina, and Tex AM have more manageable schedules. Bama and A&M play each other. The winner of that game looks like a solid BCS NCG prospect, but the winner of the SEC East looks to be a more formidable obstacle than it has been in the past few years. Meanwhile, South Carolina is still South Carolina. If someone wants to put their $ on the Cocks, I'll be happy to oblige them the current "market" odds.
Two corollaries of this point that scheduling does not favor an SEC participant in this year's BCS NCG:

  1. South Carolina, UGA, and Clemson can't all be contenders. Maybe if Clemson loses early to UGA and then wins out (including against South Carolina), they could back into the NCG, but I don't like their odds.
  2. Miami, FSU, and FLA cannot all be contenders, either.

If I had to guess, this year's BCS NCG teams will come from the P12, B12, Big Ten, and/or a school from a non-major conference. SEC fans will be bitching for most of December about how absurd it is that the "seven time champs!!!" got screwed out of defending their birthright.   

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Yes, and I know the perfect team to end it.



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Well then tell us who it is.

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preferably us, but I would even welcome such evil entities as Oklahoma, Oregon or Texas

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Yes, the is the year. The law of averages dictates it.

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Haha - but your sarcasm might escape some of us. Although there is no "law of averages," I will say this . . .
Those who make the argument that one of the 14 SEC teams is very likely to win the BCS NC this year compared to the field (the other 100+ teams) because they've won the past seven are engaging in their own fallacy.  
I'll take the field straight up this year, but I'd be very happy to get 2/1 or even 3/1 odds on the field, which is what I should expect given the logic from SEC supporters.

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Fido, I'm not really being sarcastic or even joking at all. While not an actual law, it is a common phrase indicating a belief that something can only happen so many times in succession.
per Wikipedia:

 Belief that an event is "due" to happen: For example, "The roulette wheel has landed on red in three consecutive spins. The law of averages says it's due to land on black!"

Either way, I'm betting it will not happen again. 

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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However it goes down, I just hope that an SEC team gets beat in the national title game. If the title game was between two non-SEC teams then we would get to hear all the excuses...oh the conference was too good this year and everyone beat up on everybody. 
It's gotta be OSU though. Last ever BCS Title game, the team that let the SEC streak begin ends it in the Rose Bowl...these are the things you make movies about

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I see your point.  But if it mean OSU wins a championship, I would have no problem with them trouncing the actual Little Sisters of the Poor in that game.

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Good point. I fully agree that it would be fun to watch an SEC team go down on the big stage; that it would be more cathartic and validating for the beast to be publicly slain, instead of marooning it on an island; and that the hacks would have to deflate the hype for a few months.
On the other hand, I might get a little perverse satisfaction from listening to my die-hard Bama fan brother-in-law whining over the holidays about how the SEC had to be quarantined from the BCS NCG. In the last few years, I decided to sort of unplug from the hype machine, pay much less attention to what the hacks are saying about Ohio State and the Big Ten. What they say now rolls off me like water off a duck's back.
So, if the SEC gets "locked out" and the SEC necks all bitch, moan, and roll around on their junk piles they call front lawns, I'll be able to utilize my gift of selective hearing (and selective mental processing): filtering out the so-called "analysis" from the eSECpn hacks, while savoring the salty tears of SEC-fan paranoid inferiority complex. Because no matter how many national championships that Tennessee or South Carolina fans "win" (by virtue of their SEC memberships), they'll always feel that the Yankees are conspiring against them.
For that reason, I'm not sure that Conan was right. Maybe the best thing in life is not "to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." Maybe the best thing is to not invite them to the battle in the first place and then hear the lamentations of their men.   

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I am hoping that they lose the battle this year, but the national sports media will make sure their reign of terror (regarding SEC dominance) will continue on.

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Should be the Buckeyes for several reasons.  Started with Urban against OSU, let him end it with OSU.  It's being held in the Rose Bowl.   And it would be gravy to beat Bama to do it...
But I think the SEC champion would have to be a two loss team for Louisville to get into the BCSNCG.  Their schedule REALLY sucks.


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The SEC has had so many cards fall their way over the last 5 yards, it's insane.  LSU falls into the national title, to be played in New Orleans, in 2007 the same way Ohio State did.  Colt McCoy got his arm ripped off against Alabama.  Cam Newton wasn't ruled ineligible for taking money he most certainly took.

Then we had the rematch year where the coaches put Alabama, who played a division 2 opponent in November, only beat 3 teams that finished with a winning record, into the game against LSU over Oklahoma State, who beat 7 teams that finished with winning records.  This locked the SEC into a national title no matter what.  LSU's performance in that game was WORSE than Ohio State's 2006 performance against Florida, and the narrative stays with the SEC because they were playing Alabama.  And last year, Ohio State was ineligible, otherwise Alabama wouldn't have even been there.
The SEC's reign at national championship CHANCES is probably more amazing to me than the fact that they've won them all.  I mean, Ohio State's 2010 team would have destroyed Auburn and Oregon both.  USC's 2005-2008 teams would have annihilated any team the SEC threw at them in a bowl game, but they would lose some wierd game against unranked Stanford or Oregon State and that'd be it.

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Great points. The cosmic tumblers have all clicked in the SEC's favor as of late, and that doesn't get credit for what has transpired as much as it should. By the way, I never noticed Cam Newton's ears pointed upward like satellite dishes......they must pool with water when it rains.

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So are you saying it should be "the SEC's Reign of Error" or "the SEC's Feign of Terror"?

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I think that the media as a whole is hoping it comes to an end as well.  Even ESPN to some extent.  The thing that makes the NFL great compared to the other pro sports is parity.  I believe that the media hopes for some parity to ensure ratings don't drop.  (see BAMA vs LSU title game)
Its highly possible this year that more than one team not in the SEC is undefeated, which opens up lots of possibilities.

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If a team outside the SEC wins the NCG the streak is most likely going to come to an end.
(John Madden logic FTW)

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My feelings are. The Buckeyes will play in the National Title (And Win), but we will play a Pac-12 team, and the sec will say that we got luck. Because the overrated sec will not have a undefeated team.
Go Bucks!!

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Alabama's reign is ending.

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Is this the year the SEC's Alabama's Reign of Terror comes to an end?


Alabama (3), Florida (2), LSU (1), and Auburn (1) are the only SEC teams to have won in this "streak."  And one of those games shouldn't count, since Bama shouldn't have been there against LSU.


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No because Alabama wasn't motivated after winning 3 titles in 4 years. AP voters still feel they are better team. Voted #1. Ohio State gets BCS title.

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I feel like the Buckeyes have a legit shot at winning it this year but if miller and shazier stay for their senior years 2014 is really our best shot at winning it. We could really be dominating in 2014

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hopefully voting with my heart.

vacuuming sucks

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It should have ended last season had we not been bowl banned.

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Yes, it is!!!
Because Ohio State is going to win it ALL!!!

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We can only hope.