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Which of these future opponents interests you the most?



TMac's picture

Oregon would be the choice, except that's 7 years I went Oklahoma.

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BuckeyeinSavannah's picture

I thought the same thing.  I cant get excited for something that is 7 years away.  

OSUs12-OH's picture

OU will be a good series and it never hurts that they're always ranked high at the beginning of every season.  

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AndyVance's picture

Oregon should be a good matchup, but we don't yet know how they're going to fare under the new coaching regime (okay, it's not totally new).
Also, our last home-and-home with Texas was a great series, but Texas today isn't the same Texas we battled under Vince Young.
For those reasons, and because Oklahoma is Oklahoma - and has the Stoops/Youngstown connection - I choose the Sooners, too.

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Va. Tech.  2 hours away, and I'm always looking forward to a new environment for an away game.

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I personally chose the North Carolina matchup for obvious reasons, but am also excited for 2015 (I believe) in Blacksburg.
I will be doing my best to be making the road trip to both Blacksburg and Chapel Hole in the years that the Buckeyes bring big boy football to this region.

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ScarletGray43157's picture

You must live much closer to Blacksburg than Columbus.

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Tech. Spent some time in SW VA, Blacksburg in the fall is something to be seen, Frank Beamer is one of the last great, tenured coaches left and the Hokies are new opponents.

The Sooners a close second.....damn that Uwe Von Schamann, as my uncle used to say.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

Baroclinicity's picture

You said it.  I live in Appalachia.  It gets a bad rap, and rightfully so at times, but in the fall, it's amazing.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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I'm surprised TCU isn't an option on here and UNC is.

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No brainer.  I've got a friend who's a huge Sooner fan, and he's already starting to plan both weekends for us.

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Same here Bucksfan. My friend is from Ok and recently moved back there. We will have a blast! I just hope it doesn't get cancelled or rescheduled.

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fanosu99's picture

I picked VT only because it is the soonest and I don't think we've ever played them.

tdible2132's picture

If Meyer and Helfrich are still at the helm of OSU and Oregon, then that matchup is easily the most interesting for me. It would be awesome to see those two offenses and styles of play go head to head. My second choice is Oklahoma, followed by Texas and Va Tech.  Texas could be really interesting if they have their program back at full strength when we meet. UNC would have to be the least intriguing for me, and I agree with a posters above sentiment that TCU is a more interesting matchup than UNC. Either way, all of these future matchups will be exciting for OSU football!

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I like the exposure playing in NC will give us state-wide. We have been recruiting there pretty heavily, it certainly should help us land some "southern" athletes.

William's picture

UNC. Because I want to drive that preppy, douchebag-filled school into the ground, until they suffocate under the pressure of their pink corduroy pants, and flamboyantly colored oxford shirts. If you can't tell, I hate UNC. 

Idaho Helga's picture

In early 1977 my brother announced he was getting married in Parma, OH, on the day we were scheduled to play Oklahoma.  Instantly, the relatives chanted "eh, good luck with that!"
He had the wedding at noon, well before the game.  The reception was at 6pm, well after the game.  It worked out.  Except that the bartender at the reception didn't speak english, the guy was Russian.  I ordered a "Whisky Sour" for my mother (my parents paid for the bar) and this guy looks at me, grabs vodka and OJ, throws it in a glass, hands it to me and says
"Visky Saar"
I took it back to my mother and said "Visky Saar".  My dad went up to the guy in charge and got things straightened out.   We still laugh about that.

703Buckeye's picture

VT. I will be in Blacksburg for the game in 2015.

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Fugelere's picture

I too would've voted for Oklahoma, but I live in Texas.  By then Mack Brown will probably be gone and with the amount of talent in this state there is no reason it shouldn't be a competitive series.  Plus bragging rights, although to be fair UT fans in my experience are nowhere near as insufferable as the SEC fanboys I put up with when I lived in Georgia.  
As for Oregon I'm still waiting to see what will happen without Chip Kelly.
I can't say I follow ACC football all that much, however I do know that VT is usually a contender for the conference title so that could be an interesting game as well.
Anyway, I'm always excited when we schedule OOC games with teams from BCS conferences.

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Virginia Tech. Husband is a Hokie, numerous friends and daughters' friends are Hokies, great campus, nice stadium, great school spirit. Only downer is finding a hotel in the area in the Fall-pretty brutal.