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What former Buckeye in broadcast media do you enjoy the most?



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Probably nothing more hilarious than listening to Spielman laying into some DB from Iowa for poor tackling technique for 5 minutes while Pam Ward just tries to call the game. 

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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If the questions is...
I enjoy listening to Kellogg the most.  No other basketball analyst is even close. 
I enjoy listening to Spielman as well.  But really, its because of how he represents himself and The University that I appreciate him the most.


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Lots of votes, but I'll be the first to admit it in the comments:  Herbie.  The guy knows his stuff.  Eddie is a close second.

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Herbie used to be better than he has been lately. He seems to have developed a lazy, cliched jargon in his announcing the past fews years. He is still good but I'm not a fan of that. Unfortunately, that is the trend with most announcers after a number of years.

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I agree.  Herbie is really good on gameday and in interviews. He just doesn't do color as well as he used to. 

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Can we listen to Dustin in Columbus?

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Really enjoy listening to Spielman. You can hear the passion in him coming out for the game. He is not polished in any way and he tries to refrain from being a homer but I love the guy and he oozes football. Listening to him is like sitting at the bar talking to an ex-college player tell you about the game that is on the TV. Plus, he bleeds OSU. Not saying others don't, he is one that sticks out to me personally. 

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Spielman. Total class act and all around good guy.

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I'd vote Kellogg if I watch more bb, but since I don't I voted Spielman. No bs with him, he's insightful, passionate without being overbearing, dead-on nearly all the time and best of all...not boring.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Spielman. I also like Robert Smith, Clark Kellogg, and Herbstreit. But I love listening to Spielman go off on a tangent about how & why a player missed his assignment or used bad form in tackling or whatever... To me, he seems like a guy who should be a coach, he's obviously very passionate about the game.

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I find Kellogg to be the most knowledgeable about his sport. But Spiels gets my nod, he is just truly entertaining and passionate. Plus, I enjoy the way he breaks down his analysis to the level of the individual players, not just to the level of scheme. Most analysts aren't very good at that unless we are talking offensive skill players.

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.  ~ Bruce Lee

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Anybody but Herbie. Nothing worse than hear him make up words because he wants to be a trend setter. Enough of wanting to be known for buzzwords.

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Spielman has improved a ton.  He used to be almost impossible to listen to, but he has started to provide more true analysis rather than just being a meathead.  

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Beth Mowins

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Clark Kellogg. He would make a short list of my favorite announcers overall. Extremely knowledgeable and a terrific professional.

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Kind of surprised that Kirk Herbstreit has as many votes in this poll as he does.

I feel for Joey Galloway. He's pretty good, and getting better. I think he's been doing this for only two years now. His problem is that, as a rookie in the field, he's stuck with lower tier games. This could bias evaluations of him because the games he calls aren't very interesting (e.g. Ohio State v. MAC snack).

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It doesn't help that Galloway's co-announcer isn't very interesting either.

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So what this poll tells us, is that 28% of respondents are trolling on a Sunday morning...

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I think Robert Smith is often overlooked. He speaks well, and states his opinion mostly without bias. I respect his work in the studio, although I'll admit I haven't heard much of his color commentating.

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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I wish Jim Lachey was on option on this list.  His call at the end of the National Championship game is priceless.

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Fully agree, love Jim Lachey!

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I went with CK because it feels like I almost always learn something when I listen to him.  He has thoughtful analysis and commentary. 

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I'm a big fan, and voted for Spielman. He knows the game, does a great job of breaking down tape and plays in real time, and represents OSU with the utmost professionalism. I remember he was doing a Big 12 game and he was diagnosing every play just off of watching one of the OT's feet and the way he lined up. He was spot on almost every time. He also was in Home Improvement haha. 

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Spielman gets my vote. For all reasons above and for the fact that he does try to neutral and balanced in regards to Ohio State. Hes no homer...and does without going to opposits route as herbie has been known to do. Its possible to be unbiased without forcing it.

Clark kellogg is great as of the best in college bball if you ask ms. Very passionate, extremely knowledgeable and makes the game more enjoyable.

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Many good ones out there, but Chris Speilman got my vote since he is my favorite!  Class act and tells it like it is. 

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Clearly it's Herbie for football, Kellogg for basketball.  Kellogg is less afraid of showing his OSU roots, but he does so in a discreet way.  They are both intelligent, well spoken, and excellent analysts.  So we rule football, basketball, and the coverage of football and basketball.  Pretty soon everything will be Buckeye, from the president of the NCAA to the leaf those weird kids who hang out in alleys and behind dumpsters wear on their hats.  
Those are Buckeye leaves, right?  What else would they be??