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How much negative recruiting against Urban Meyer is deserved?



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Why would Coach Meyer "deserve" negative recruiting?

When you reach for that ball under a pine tree, do you ever think about who just peed there a little while ago?

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Urban Meyer is a great recruiter and recruits with relentless passion.  Most coaches do not possess the passion and will rely on pressure and negative recruiting.  This negativity is how they level the recruiting field and indicates the difference between levels.  Meyer has earned the highest level of recruiting and the negativity against him reflects that. 

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Negative recruiting isn't okay no matter who the coach is.

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I imagine some negative recruiting is just ugly. But some is just perspective!!
An opposing coach should be telling a prospective recruit that Urban Meyer only averages 3 years at a given school before moving on, and so he's likely gone before the recruit is a sophomore. - Obviously we see that from a different perspective - He moved up due to tremendous success and there is no moving up from tOSU, so come and compete for​ win National Championships. 

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agreed. Is "negative recruiting" fact based, or opinion based? If it's facts (however biased they may be) like "Urban has never had a 1,000 yard RB" then I'm more OK with other coaches using that for leverage than crap like "you know he quit on his team at Florida." 

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Ehh, it's going to happen, and Meyer's the type of dude to stir that pot and go after the players he wants, commitments be damned.  Because of that he'll get some flack, but the majority's due to his success at it--as it infuriates coaches that he can undo months/years of relationship building in a few weeks.
The bottom line here is that he probably does deserve the negativity--but he probably wears it as a badge of honor, proving his relentlessness on the recruiting trail.  In fact, it might actually be a good thing; since it makes other grown men look like children when they talk shit about him.

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I think the word "deserve" throws this question off.  He doesn't really deserve any of it.  In order for other coaches to compete with him, I personally feel they need to use negative recruiting against him.  The only active coach that has a record to compare with him is Nick Saban.  All of the other coaches have some catching up to do. 

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agree 100% about the word "deserve." I think by virtue of winning 2 titles, he's earned a spot on many coaches dartboards and thus maybe gets more negative recruiting than coaches who haven't proven anything. 

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The same.  "I can beat Urban's team 9 times out of 10," said NoOneEver.  If you can't beat him, why not discredit him.

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I trashed the hell out of Urban and his recruiting tactics when he was at Florida.
If I were a betting man, I'd wager that many of you did as well, especially around the recruitment of Shariff Floyd....
but now..he's our bad guy, and I hope he plunders recruits from all over the country, committed or not. 

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I don't know if any coach deserves negative recruiting. Even if I don't particularly like a coach (read: Bielema, Bret) I still respect the fact that he has worked pretty hard to get where they are today and build up a reputation as a coach. When I was playing sports regularly, I had the utmost respect for my coaches as well as those coaches on other teams that I got to know. In my view, if you have to tear down another person to help yourself it is only because your program and resume isn't strong enough to stand on its own.

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It's all politics...
Mud slinging, though questionably ethical, is much more effective than touting your own good deeds.  If it didn't work, they wouldn't do it.

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I agree with ALBINOMOSQUITO it's all politics.
I think a lot of it also depends on the "persona" a coach puts off. Some guys would have the negative thrown their way by a lot of people (Kiffin comes to mind) but it doesn't mean he deserves it.
This day in age it is easy enough for a recruit to "Google" or look up some of the negative that is thrown their way and see if what was being pitched to them is even relevant.


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No offense to the question or Urban, but I bet my bottom dollar that a BIG reason Spence and Schutt are at OSU is due to the negativity surrounding the PSU program.  You can also bet your bottom dollar that Urban used that to his advantage, which in a round about way is using negative recruiting to his advantage.  I'm not saying I know for sure, but I don't doubt it either.
I realize that this is in regards to the dumb asses equating AH's idiotic behavior to Urban while he was coaching at FL.  I can also see coaches using this to their advantage now to get recruits to go to their schools.  Do I think it's a good thing?  Of course not!  But college football is becoming a business and business is good.  I can't see it stopping unless the NCAA steps in which they won't because it's all about the Benjamins Baby!

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Negative recruiting is part of the game.  It will happen; what makes the difference is how you deal with it.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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"Deserve" makes this question a bit odd. Not sure any coach deserves it to the extent things being said about them are untrue, however, merely honestly talking about another coach or his reputation IMO is fair game. I believe that's true especially in "todays" recruiting world given the close relationships a lot of coaches make with the kids and families they recruit. As an example, if a coach from a school was asked about their scholarship policy and was competing against Bama for a recruit, I think its fair and responsible to point out that Saban has a history of over signing and cutting kids once camp starts. All that being said, if you have to go out of your way to negative recruit against another school, e.g. "they don't look out for black players," then you are doing something wrong, as the ultimately goal is to sell yourself and your brand not talk about others. 

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I don't think he deserves any more or any less responsibility for a murderer's violent acts...Nobody could have predicted that Hernandez would one day murder another man. Allegedly....Yes, Meyer did indeed recruit some questionable character guys at Florida. . Name one program that doesn't and I will show you a program that does not win, will not win and has a constant coaching turnover due to the rabid fans complaining of the losses..Urban did recruit some guys that had some question marks regarding their character, criminal records or attitude problems..And he did change many of those young men's lives, giving them a structured life, a football family and goals that included more than just reaching the NFL...I can name names that you never heard of, guys who never played a millisecond in the League, that are success stories today as men, as Fathers and in their communities....Coaches coach. Coaches teach. . It is up to the student athlete to accept responsibility for their actions. Period...Coach Meyer had nothing to do with any murder, stolen computer or any other stupid act...College students are responsible for all of their own actions, as anyone should be...I do not agree with all that Urban has done, but holding him responsible in any way for a guy who played for him years ago borders on insanity...My question is what type of career Hernandez would've had had he not had Coach Meyer? Would he have even reached the NFL or would he have been locked up in the Alachua County jail after doing something more devious than smoke weed or getting in a bar fight? Where would Hernandez be if he hadn't had Coach Meyer as a Father figure  and remained in CT, sticking with his original commitment? My opinion is Hernandez is  a better man today because of his relationship with Coach Meyer and not holding anyone responsible for the murder except for those involved in the shooting..We are all responsible for our own actions. Period...I'll get off my soapbox now. 

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@BuckeyeLurker0509, Very well said....

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It's like Meyer is being portrayed, at least when it comes to recruiting anyway, as the guy you knew (or were) back in high school who got away with whatever he wanted (needed). You just couldn't figure out how he got away with it all.

When in reality, you figure out the guy has his stuff together, and has a real passion for what he does.

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With any sales pitch someone intelligent will not fall for the, "Bad mouth the competition to make your option better".  I think one of the worst things any sales person can do is bad mouth the competition, it appears dirty and I always come off not trusting any thing the sales person says after that.

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The better question is:  How much negative recruiting has Urban done?
Once a year
Only when the recruit is being stubborn
Whatever it takes
(and you can swap out Urban for Hoke, if you want)

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

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I vote F,  Whatever it takes.
I guarantee every coach in America negative recruits.  It's all about winning and the team with the most talent has the better chance of winning. 

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Good point, Hail, but I think the perspective of what constitutes "negative recruiting" is different in light of the Hernandez story and the race-related comments, etc., mentioned in today's Skully.
It's one thing for a coach (including Urban or Hoke) to point out how bad they whoop up on whatever school they're recruiting against, or even for an SEC school to make fun of the Big Ten's perceived scheduling weaknesses or cold weather or whatever. It's quite another for coaches to imply (or say outright) that Urban recruits criminals or label OSU as this den of iniquity or whatever additional "below the belt" smears they're slinging out there.

If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, I may be the most dangerous man I know...

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While negative recruiting certainly seems rampant, I wonder how effective that tactic really is.  To toss garbage over a rival's program cannot reflect well on the person doing the throwing.
I appreciate that, while Urban is relentless, he encourages recruits to take visits to be certain of their decision when they commit.  

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I voted more because 12-0
What other ammo do they have??

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I don't think he deserves more, you never hear anyone talk about his arrests at BG or Utah. The health issue was a real problem, and he dealt with it and moved on. That said, I would be incredibly surprised if he doesn't have as much done towards him as any coach in the country if not the most. When you are a proven winner, people will take shots and try to bring you down. That's how it works and with the competitive nature of college football right now it's no surprise that negative recruiting goes on.

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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This thread fascinates me, poll results & comments alike.
- Some admit, if not their coach, viewed differently
- Some say, doesn't matter
- Some say he is a unique piece, inherently garnering more attention
- Some still want Tress back (by this I only mean less aggressive)
For my own vote, went with same. If worded differently (which is the reason for the varying opinions), I probably would have picked deserved. Urban is aggressive & relentless with recruiting. I have no qualms with that.
Should he be viewed poorly because he may/may not continue to pursue after a commit? For me, no. Commits aren't locked until the 'paper' is signed. I have no issue with his tactics or pursuit.
Negative by competing coaches or negative for shady dealings? Media Negatives vs uninformed fanbase negatives? Big difference there.
Should he get negative (damn you) monikers from other coaches? Heck yes.