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Are you a Johnny Football fan?



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Definitely not.  Not my style of player.  He is bringing too much of the wrong attention to himself instead of working to get ready for the upcoming season. 

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My daughter wants to go to A&M cause that's where her mamma went so if it had not been for that, I would say no but because my daughter is a big fan, I'm neutral. However, if Ohio State should meet A&M on the battlefield, all bets are off!

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I prefer Braxton Miller myself, but that's me.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I think most people here (myself included) would definitely take Braxton over Manziel. I selected yes simply for the fact that I'm jealous of how he's living right now.

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I would be interested to see a comparison of how he acted last summer (before he won the A&M starting job) and this this summer (after he won the heisman)  If they're similar, more power to him, but if not, I wonder how he's going to play this year...

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My thoughts, exactly.

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From what I understand, the only difference is that now he's overexposed and everything the guy does is big news. Before last season it seems he was the same guy only nobody knew about it.

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nobody knew and nobody cared...

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The only thing I like about him is that he appears to be working himself out of the possible second heisman, simply by his off the field actions. You've gotta be a class act like Archie Griffin if you want to join the two heisman club, as well as put up the stats/performances on the field.

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I like his play on the football field, but he's a pompous dickhead off it.

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This is what i was going to say, so...what he said^

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On the field, yeah the kids got incredible talent I don't think anyone can argue that.
Off the field, it seems he's got an ego the size of Texas.
I'm more of a fan of the humble athlete.


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I'm not even totally sold on his talents on the field.  I'm not saying he isn't good or anything like that; but I have some doubts for this year, as maybe teams have seen him once and may have him sort of figured out (whereas someone like Braxton can do what we wants when he wants for the most part).  Only a theory.  We shall see.  If he tears it up again, I'll fully admit to being wrong in this case.

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Completely in agreement here.  I think a lot of his success was due to Sumlin's system, which is something that's been wholly unseen in the SEC up 'til this point--ironically enough, I think they'd have done worse in the Big Twelve last season since defenses there are so seasoned against that style of play.  I'm forecasting a bit of a sophomore slump this year once DCs wizen up to his act.

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If he doesn't self-destruct (which is by no means a safe bet), I think his talents translate extremely well to the professional game.
In Canada.
I've never bought into the idea that he would leave early to go to the NFL.  He is a lot of fun to watch at the collegiate level (a least on the field), and I think he will do well again this year if he gets his head together (again, BIG if). 
But I don't think Archie needs to be sweating.  And I can't wait to see what Mr. Saban concocts for him.

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I think my biggest problem is he doesn't seem like a team player since winning the Heisman (at least to me).  To me it seems like he's been eating up the limelight and that wouldn't bother me as much as how long he's been staying in it.   Not to mention the leaving College Station over a freaking parking ticket bc he's that NORMAL got me and I'm sure it did his teammates too.  We'll see how good he is this year...

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I'd have to imagine he's probably pissed off a teammate or two this off-season.

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not two, not three, not four, not five...

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Not a big fan of manziel, i like that he beat alabama, and i have no problem with kids being kids, but hopefully he doesnt ruin his life, acting as he does now.

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He does have a very punchable face.
Don't really care one way or the other, but he doesn't sound like a dude I'd want to be friends with.

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I chose neutral.  The chances of OSU ever meeting up with him are slim and the only things I know about him are from the media, which I take with a grain of salt.  I also have no desire to worry about him to be honest.

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Douchie Douchenhiemer.

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I'm riding down your moonlight mile

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Or Douche McDoucherson.... but yeah. That.

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I like him for about 60 minutes on Saturday. But before and after that, not so much. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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Fan of his game, not his antics, and I don't want him to win the Hiesman again.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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All I see is an immature young man with an inflated sense of self-entitlement. How can we brush off his bravado as part of the experience as a college student or an NCAA athlete when we have Aaron Craft, and yes I'll say it, Tim Tebow, as examples of how to balance athletic success with humility and maturity? No one is asking him to be perfect, and no one should form an opinion of him based solely on this one story. But, when it becomes habitual like this, it means he has not learned anything from his mistakes. It's the same thing with Ray Small - I think it was the 2010 Rose Bowl when he had his first "suspension for a team rules violation". Okay, you screwed up, most likely for a drug violation, now admit your mistake, learn from it, and don't do it again. Clearly, like Johnny Manziel, he still hasn't learned enough, so until that happens I'll keep my respect for other players. 

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He's trying to hard to be Joe Kane.

-The Aristocrats!

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I'm a fan of Johnny Football.
I'm just not a fan of Johnny Beer Pong.

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Pompous, huge ego, not a team player, arrogant, etc, etc... what's not to like?

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You swayed me. Consider me the newest member of the Johnny Heisman entourage.

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He's a good, alright great, player.  But in 2013 he will be the 2nd best college football player behind a certain quarterback from Ohio.  I also dislike the fact that he has a very legitimate opportunity to tie Archie's Heisman record.  All of that on top of his "Im cooler than you" air, and he seems like an asshole.  Braxton seems like a pretty nice kid trying his best to lead the Buckeyes to a W.  Johnny Football seems to want to rake in the stats, showboat, and if his team wins then cool, whatever dude.
I'm a huge Braxton fan, and although he has a similar style of play to Manziel, they seem like very different people off the field, as well as Braxton being a better on the field leader.  So no, Johnny Football can suck it.  I honestly wouldn't mind a shot at them in the MNC if they get really lucky this year.

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I like Johnny. I like wrecks of all kinds.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Me too.  Just not on my team, please.

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I kind of wish 'Bama won that game. It sure didn't change last season's results. I voted 'no.' He rubs me the wrong way.

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this guy had one of the best offense lines assembled last year. let's see how well he does when that is gone.
i am not a fan.

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I HATE the "first freshman" thing too, pet peeve seriously... he's not even the youngest to with the reward. Mark Ingram is the youngest at age 19 (like 1 day from being 20 BTW), Manzel was 20 by a couple days. There were a string of 2nd year players to win the award, Tebow 2007, Bradford 2008, Ingram 2009. So Manzel is the 4th second year player to win the award and the second youngest. Impressive, sure, but he is getting a "freshman" title due to a special case. I have never likes the true-freshman/redshirt-freshman title, if your a second year you are a sophomore, end of story... if you redshirted and you go into your 5th year, you are a 5th year senior.
"Manziel will become the ninth player to win the award as a 20 year old (Reggie Bush also won at 20)."

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Yep. The same way I was a fan of Terrelle Pryor and Lawerence Taylor. Dudes who did what they wanted and produced big time in their respective niche's in the game.
Until pictures of Johnny surface when he's out tearing stuff up the night before he and A&M get shellacked by someone, I'll stand by his antics as a kid doing what he wants while he's winning football games-because guess what? That's all that matters. No one would like Braxton if he wasn't winning. Plenty of people liked Pryor because he won.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I said no, to bad i couldn't say hell no. I don't know how everyone else feels but i know Bama is Bama but damn i would love to watch an OSU A&M title game. Let RDS smack him around a few times.


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Na. I like my fair share of d-bag trolls, but it's because they're overly hilarious about it (a la Marshall Henderson, Kanye West, Kenny Powers). Manziel just doesn't do it for me. He's good on the field but his d-bagginess isn't funny to me, just annoying. Plus, he's a soft ass for resting for "dehydration." If I rested and didn't drink on Saturdays when I was dehydrated for every OSU game, my roommates would have sat my ass on the bench.

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No Way!  Too much partying and not enough time focusing on the upcoming season.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Johnny doing this next since that is all he seems to be focusing on.

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He doesn't play for the Buckeyes so I don't care what he does.  Maybe if we play A&M in a bowl game I'll root against him obviously, but until then he's a non issue for me.

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Confession: I accidentally clicked "Yes" because I thought Johnny Football was Johnny Utah.

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the guy is a complete tool. 

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Because of my gut feeling, I'm not a J. Football fan.  
Always go with your gut.

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