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Almost all analysts expect Alabama to win the SEC West. Who do you think wins the SEC East?



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It is my sincere hope that UF wins the SEC east & eventually goes to the NC game where I am hoping they will find themselves playing....OSU. A Bama vs OSU game would be great & all, but how good would it be if OSU played UF for a National Championship? With Urban Meyer coaching the Bucks & having a chance to end the reign that he started against the team he started it would be magical. Also, Mike Bianchi....I will be praying, rain dancing, voodooing, & anything else I can do to try & make this happen!

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A&M takes the west. Yeah, I know, Bama. I just have a feeling, so I'm laying it out there now.

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I say Jorts, but, God, were they undisciplined and poorly coached against L'ville.
This could be Jawja's year to win it all (and I by that I mean get stomped by Bama in the SEC championship).
When you're an SEC fan, you win either way

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I'd love to hear from anyone voting "Other". Does not compute.
Georgia by land is my guess.

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I think Tennessee - with 8 starters returning on defense and a new coach - could be a surprise and would actually be my second choice after UGa. They get South Carolina, UGa, and Vandy at home. They do play Bama, but their other SEC West opponent is LOLAuburn, and they also get them at Neyland. All it will take is an upset of UGa and they could pretty much control their own destiny.

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I think you forgot to type that in your sarcasm font.  There is no chance in hell Tennessee wins the east.

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Georgia. 10 starters back on offense. Though I think Tennessee might give them a run for their money.
As for South Carolina... I think they lose 5 games.
vs. UNC - Bryn Renner might be the most underrated QB in the country. UNC returns 7 starters on defense including a very talented defensive line and secondary. They held second half leads in all 4 of their losses last year. They were about one completion and two defensive plays from being 11-1 last year(@Lou, vs. Wake, vs. Duke) . South Carolina was about three plays from being 8-5 (no-call PI @Vandy, Bray fumble @UT, and the Michigan secondary choke). UNC 31, South Carolina 24.
@Georgia - South Carolina has no chance in this one. Georgia has 10 NFL-calibre starters back on offense. The Dogs need to replace a lot on defense, but they'll most likely reload. UGa 38, South Carolina 20.
vs. Clemson - Nothing special here. I just think Clemson is better and returns more balance and a much better QB. Clemson 27, South Carolina 20.
Then I have South Carolina losing at least two of five "tossup" games: vs. Florida, @Tennessee, vs. Vandy, vs. Mississippi State, and their bowl game (likely against Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Wisconsin, or Michigan).

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Not a conference game, but that first weekend tilt at Clemson should be a doozy.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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UGA ... QB stability

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Seemed like Florida had a wet paper bag for an offense in big games last year.  Also doesn't help when one of your QBs signs a contract for baseball after football.  Shows such confidence in your football ability

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Just curious, why is there an SEC question on this site? There needed to be a 'Who Cares' option IMO.

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I think it's a fair question. It may very well end up being pertinent to OSU because we will likely be playing the winner of the SEC Championship in the BCS National Championship, God willing.

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WHO CARES?  There you go.

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I think you mean: Which branch campus wins the intra-SEC championship of the East to earn the right to play for the University of SEC world galactic automatic defacto national championship of the SEC?

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Can I check each teams payroll and get back to you on this?

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I vote for the Cocks, I think the old ball coach knows with Clowney this is his last chance and he puts together a run, then retires

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Georgia seems like the easy choice. Brings back Murray who might be the best pro style QB in all of college football. Also, I think more of Richt as a Head Coach over Muschamp or Spurrier. 
Florida captured magic in a bottle last year. They lost a lot on defense, and their QB was not very good last year. I also believe their star running back was a graduating senior. 
South Carolina will have a good D led by Clowney, but I doubt their offense. I don't like how they have a 2-QB system that messes with the consistency of the offense. [Or that might be because of Coop insisting on starting Stanley Jackson. :)]

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Richt kinda reminds me of John Cooper, he always has a good team, good recruits, they always seem to be on the cusp of greatness but they just can't get over the hump!

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Amazing how close you can be on either side of that hump.   If not for a tipped pass on the last play of the SEC championship Georgia would have been in the national championship, however Alabama holds off and secures 3 out of 4..   One play, seems like Cooper had that happen as well.