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Who leads the Big Ten in receiving yards in 2013?



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Corey "Don't Call Me Philly" Brown.

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That was my initial reaction. If anyone from tOSU is going to lead the B1G in receiving yards, it will be Philly.
The man caught 60 balls last year. I can't imagine that number jumping up much higher but if he takes 5-10 of those 7-8 yd catches and tacks on 40 YACs on each one...he'll definitely put his name in the discussion

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Ohio State has too many good weapons for D.Smith to lead the entire league in receiving yards...
Personally, I'd rather have the second, fourth, and fifth ranked guys in the league all on the same team... that would be a lot of yardage.

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I voted "other" because I think it could be either Wynn or Latimer from Indiana. Of the 5 names mentioned, I'd go with Allen Robinson.  My picks are based on IU an PSU passing the ball a lot, and in the case of IU, trailing a lot. 
Agree with BuckeyeInOrlando about OSU having too many players sharing yards to have the conference leader. Good problem to have. 

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Philly Brown. Easily. Going away. I believe he is about to become a stud. Not that he was anything to sneeze at before, but I think he's taking the next step. He really began to gain YAC towards the end of last year, and that is the key to being a great receiver.

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Philly Brown followed by D Smith. Boom

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Other and my vote would be Philly Brown.  Not sure why he's not the option and Devin is....???

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Maybe Jordan Hall? We will see how often they go to the Ginn role this year.

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I want to be biased, but until Devin shows some consistency, I can't vote for him.

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He did have quite a few notable drops last year.

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I am voting Devin. I think the haul of playmakers around him this year will help open up the field for the homerun ball. I think Philly, and possibly Hall and Corey Smith will have more receptions, but Devin's big play speed is going to provide at least one big bopper each game.

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Clearly Jeremy Gallon since he has the #2 overall draft pick and Heisman trophy winner throwing him the ball, right?


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I get the jokes about Gardner, but it's not secret that Gallon is his favorite target---coupled with the fact that he's the most experienced receiver on the team.

Gardner to Gallon was a popular connection last year, with the pair hooking up 31 times for 511 yards and three touchdowns. That's an average of 6.2 catches for 102.2 yards per game.
Gallon hauled in a career-high nine catches for 145 yards in their final game together against South Carolina. 

What's interesting is that those 511 yards were 62% of his 829 on the year.  If he maintained that production for a 13-game season, he'd finish with 1,328 yards (1430 if Michigan plays 14 games), which would be far and away the best in the B1G and not likely to happen.
Now with Roundtree gone, will Darboh and Dileo be enough of a threat to get Gallon the looks?
If anyone wants to place a friendly wager on Smith vs Gallon, heads up, I'm interested.

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I'm thinking Allen Robinson. I don't think he's the best wide receiver though. I think Philly has more yards than D. Smith. Kenny Bell suffers because TMart spreads the ball. Abbrederis suffers from poor QB play. 

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How long has Abbrederis been at Wisconsin!?

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I think he came in with Ron Dayne...

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Apparently he's the Wisky version of Tai Streets, who also seemed to play a dozen years.

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It will be an OSU receiver because...homer.

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I agree with those above who question whether Smith will even lead the team in receiving yards. It does seem more likely to be Brown, and he could be tops in Big Ten. Seems more likely to be Gallon or Robinson, though.

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I don't know if Devin will lead the conf. in receiving, but I bet he ends up with more yardage than the rest of the choices.


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If Hackenberg is all worth the hype and he starts the whole season, I have to go with Allen to repeat.
I think it's up in the air honestly, but if I have to pick a guy, my gut would say Latimer or Bell if the PSU QB situation is a bust this season.

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I don't think we'll have the receiver that leads the B1G since we we have a lot more playmakers involved in the games.  I went with Kenny Bell from Nebraska. 
I see Jalin Marshall, Corey Brown, Devin, Elliot and Dontre Wilson will all be making great plays this coming year!!  I think Braxton will have a lot more passing yards, but to more people, which will make us a better team overall. 
Go Bucks!!

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Agreed big time. Plus tOSU runs a spread to run offense. You gotta go Bell because Nebraska has a solid returning quarterback and fewer options to throw the ball to. I know Martinez blows in crunch time, but against weaker opponents (the majority of the B1G) he feasts. No brainer.

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