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Which freshman will lose his black stripe first?



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How do you choose between any of these great athletes? They all seem to be really good kids as well. I would not bet against any of them achieving whatever they go after.

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I do not think it will be the most talented that will have his stripe removed first.  Rather it will be the based on work ethic and heart.  Last year it was De’van Bogard followed by Noah Spence.  I do not know enough about this crop of freshmen to comment on their work ethic or heart.  But I know that whoever it is will move up on my list of favorite players.  I thought very highly of Bogard after hearing Meyer talk about him right after he had his stripe removed.  Noah Spence showed last year that talent + hard work + heart is a very potent combination.

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As of now, I'd say Eli just because he's had a couple month head start.  Not to mention has looked pretty darn good in the spring game...hard not to choose him.

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My thought as well. He already showed up big time in the Spring Game, got some quality playing time. I'd guess that he's already halfway to losing his black stripe in their mind.

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When I saw Apple's name, I immediately thought about the story of how/why he changed his last name, and the article about him and voted for him.  After I read the remainder of the list of impressive incoming freshman, I wish my vote could be split 7 ways.
I'm really excited about this group of players! 

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I think this group sheds stripes quicker than last years' class, and Eli looks to have that moxie about him. Just think he gets challenged early, and he steps up in fine fashion.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Bosa is my pick to be the first.   Everything I have read makes me think he is a work out warrior who will do all the little things that will get the stripe removed first,

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I'm jumping on the Bosa bandwagon. I think he's John Simon reincarnated, as far as work ethic and attitude.

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I think Bosa already lost his.

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I picked Vonn Bell, but after second thought, I think Apple is the right choice since he has been in Cbus since early this year. Plus, he's a pretty darn good player as well.


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I actually think it will be a mass ceremony.

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Making everyone "equal" would go against the point of the stripes.

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I'm taking the other category with Cam Burrows. Jayme Thompson is a close second for me. 

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Bosa, Mitchell or Eli are my choices but with the names coming in if or this class it really could end up being anybody. So excited these guys have finally arrived, and can't wait to see what comes from it. I too have gone back and watched in amazement many of their highlight tapes. Absolutely insane recruiting class!

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i  voted Mike Mitchell, for the nickname, the abusemant park alone.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Eli Apple was able to get on campus early. This has given him the opportunity to participate in spring practices, had solid time in spring game (seemed to get in some quality reps on tough match-ups), and has, in my mind, shown some of the leadership qualities UFM is looking for in this class through his commitment and heart. I can't help but imagine he'll be first to peel that black.

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I have a feeling it won't be a big name guy.  My guess is that it will be a blue collared kid like Tracy Sprinkle.  Actually though, I'll take my guess and say that it won't be Sprinkle but instead it will be JT Barrett.  From everything I've heard about Barrett, he is the real deal when it comes to his focus and work ethic.  He shadowed Braxton Miller like a blanket in the spring, and I think that has really shown a lot to the coaches.  So I say it will be JT Barrett.

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I have to go with Apple. He's just that damn good! 
Go Bucks!!

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"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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I'm gonna go with a sleeper and say Billy Price

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I am with you on this one, the kid is a beast just waiting to play ! If theres a kid on the team anywhere near J.Simon it's B.Price .......wait and see !

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Isn't it awesome to have an entire class full of guys who are candidates?

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I went with Jalin Marshall but could have just easily gone with Eli Apple or a number of other kids.