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Who ends up with a better football recruiting class?



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That's kind of like asking 2 moms who has the cutest baby.  No one will know for sure for several years, but each will be very good and both are appearing to address specific needs.

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Ohio State because F*@#k Michigan

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In UFM I trust. 

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The team up north is off to a good start, but I have faith that OSU will pull ahead in the end. 
What exactly is Brady promising the recruits going to AA?  It makes you wonder.  He's got to be up to no good.  The picture below was taken from an undercover agent on one of his recruiting trips.  You can see that he has fully turned over to evil like another villan we all know.  We've got to keep our eyes on Brady the Hutt as he is out there on the recruiting trail. 
Hopefully Urban and the boys can lead enough recruits to the good side.  It will be a tough battle, but in the end I think OSU pulls in the better recruiting class to beat the slug.  He will be too busy focusing on his sandwiches trying to fill his belly.


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Obviously I want to see the Buckeyes pull ahead, but I think because of the small size of OSU's class and the players each team already has it will be difficult to pull ahead. I know UFM is a closer and I expect the gap to be closed, but I don't think just based on the numbers that they will be able to catch up completely.

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This. Hope I'm wrong. I'm all Buckeye though. Just trying to be realistic.

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agreed...i think we have and will end up having a great group of stud players, but the class size isnt going to be enough to surpass michigan in the rankings, at least at this point...but I couldnt care less for team recruiting rankings...good for banter, but in reality they mean very very little.

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It's what happens on the field that counts the most. I trust Meyer to win the Big Game over and over again, as well as the Big 10 title and the BCS bowl games the Buckeyes play in.
Peppers can't play all defensive positions. Remember he's just one of 11 players on defense. Don't get your shorts in a bunch over him getting his General Studies degree (or an Undeclared major degree) at that school up north, Buckeye fans.

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Exactly.  UM fans are talking so much trash because they got a commitment from Peppers.  They do realize he wont play for UM for another year and a half right?  They realize how much can happen by then right?  It is most certainly about what happens on the field.  Tressel and his recruiting classes were a perfect example of this.  I do think UM will end up with the higher rated class this cycle, but I think it will be close.  I really could care less though.  We've had a higher rated class the last 3 years, so I don't think it's anything to worry about.  OSU and UM have been recruiting fairly evenly, and that's just fine because I'll take our advantage of having Urban Meyer and Mickey Marotti any day of the week.  I'm still really confident in our Buckeyes, but I also think UM will be formidable going forward and the rivalry is going to be a blast for years to come!  I still except to win more than we lose despite UM having such success on the recruiting trail.

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If you can stomach his video you will see that this kid is super arrogant which is in stark contrast to the kind of man Urban is recruiting.

"We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion." - Tool

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When Spence (espn #4 overall) and Grant (Rivals #2 overall) committed, I don't recall OSU fans spazzing out to this degree.

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You mean in 2 years right?  Or his HS team is putting him at the nickel?

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I homored all the way.  I mean why would I vote for ttun? But seriously, I trust UFM will get the guys he needs to fill his system and that 3-4 years from now, he'll be hoisting a B1G trophy and/or the National Championship trophy.  That's how we'll know who had a better recruiting class. 

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No doubt.  I mean when you really look hard at UM's class, it's not all that great outside of Peppers and Harris.   I think Ferns is a bit overrated, and I don't think Mason Cole and Bryan Mone are "elite".  They certainly have a VERY solid class brewing, but it's nothing to freak out about.  And honestly, last years class for our Buckeyes was so nasty all around.  I don't see UM topping that class regardless of who they bring in the rest of the way.  I'll break it down here below and I'll put the potential best case commitment for them in italics to fill out their class (15 spots that could end up around 20 by NSD)
QB- JT Barrett > Wilton Speight
RB- Ezekiel Elliott > SCUM's RB if they even take one in this class
OL- Evan Lisle, Timothy Gardner, maybe Donovan Munger < Juwann Bushell Beatty, Mason Cole, One more guy not currently on their radar.
TE- Marcus Baugh > Ian Bunting
WR- Corey Smith, James Clark, Jalin Marshall, Dontre Wilson > or = Maurice Ways, Drake Harris, Artavis Scott
DE- Joey Bosa, Tracy Sprinkle, Tyquan Lewis = Lawrence Marshall, Maalik McDowell, still don't think the other they get is Dashawn Hand
DT- Michael Hill, Billy Price, maybe Donovan Munger > Bryan Mone, another player
LB- Mike Mitchell, Trey Johnson, Christopher Worley > Michael Ferns, the other player they get
CB- Eli Apple, Cam Burrows, Gareon Conley > Jabrill Peppers and Parker Westphall
S- Vonn Bell, Darron Lee, Jayme Thompson> Whoever they get

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If you're combining the 2013 and 2014 class then:
OSU RB = Michigan RB
They landed a really quality player in D.Green! Some may argue he's better but you'd have to give them props for signing a quality RB. 
Other then that your list is spot on. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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No not combining.  My main point was that UM will not have a better class in 2014 than we did in 2013.

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I hate to be blunt but once the 2013 class is signed, why not move on to the 2014 class? There is really no reason to compare the two when a fair comparison can't be made between the two classes in any scouting service but through subjective judgment. Truly the only way to do this is to look at the impact of our 13' recruits to their 14' recruits in the future. 
Sorry, I misunderstood your post for combining talent then comparing.

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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It has nothing to do with moving on or not.  It was mainly for those out there who are really worried about what UM is doing or those UM fans that think they have room to talk shit about how well they're recruiting.  My only point is that there really isn't a whole lot to worry about, because we have the talent to match it coming in.  Our class this year will be good enough to where neither side will have a big talent edge going forward. 

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Gotcha. Yeah, I agree there isn't really anything to talk trash about with both teams bringing in good classes. 
I posted on another topic that I believe their 14' class = 13' class in terms of signing impact players and our 14' class =13' class in terms of adding depth. I think in a two year perspective, its all a stalemate and like you said, "our class this year will be good enough to where neither side will have a big talent edge going forward".

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Yep exactly that's hitting the nail on the head with it.  That was the point I was trying to make, I should have been a bit more clear because I left it open to interpretation by not actually saying I was comparing the OSU 13 class vs. the potential UM 14 class.  But yeah, either way it's all going to come down to player development and coaching.  Should be a fun rivalry going forward.  I'd love it if it went back to the days of OSU #1 vs. UM #2 or vice versa.  Those games were so intense.

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I know this is an OSU site, but this is the most biased comparison list I've ever seen. You combined two classes and only pulled the players when it would favor OSU? C'mon now. 
And have you guys even watched Mone's film? Insiders are projecting him to move up towards a 5* rank. He's a monster in the middle. 

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You just misinterpreted it.  I included EVERY single recruit and I think I was fair giving UM the edge where it deserved and OSU the edge where it deserved.  All I was saying is that UM fans shouldn't get to big of a head about their 2014 class and OSU fans shouldn't freak out, because OSU had just as good a class in 2013 as UM could possibly have in 2014. 

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Basically in conclusion, I'll take our 2013 class over the projected 2014 UM class any day of the week.  I bet I'll also take our 2014 class over the 2013 UM class too.  The point I'm making is despite UM's success, when all is said and done and we can compare the last two classes for both UM and OSU, I still fully believe OSU will be the choice!

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I vote that Urban Meyer and his staff will get more of the potential of their recruits than Brady Hoke and his staff. So, in essence, it really won't matter who has the better recruiting class, (though I think both will be great in the end).

I'm just happy to be here

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Is that a T-Rex eating an ice cream sandwich? If so please explain.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I noticed Alabama is ranked considerably behind us at this point.  This pattern was a lot like last years. It's how you finish, not how you start.  
Not to rehash the Cooper/Earle thread, but recruiting is maybe 30% of the whole picture. Another 50% is coaching/conditioning and about 20% is schedule and luck.  If you're in the top 10 or so in recruiting according to the "talking heads" you're going to be just fine. 
Finally, these top 20 guys are getting tons of national exposure which is more often than not, bad for a 16-17 year old.  (See "Terrelle". That was a fiasco and the ego-massaging that went with it in part contributed to some of his issues.)

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I didn't homer out, I picked Michigan. Them being at #1 before they landed Peppers is quite a feat. The part that could follow this is if Hand and/or Brown follow suit insuring they are #1 which I believe will happen. Wither one likes it or not, Michigan will have the #1 class full of impact players at different positions. Ohio State will have top #10 class when its all said and done but like several have said, we'll have to look in the future to see how their talent develops. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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You're saying you believe that Michigan will land Hand and Brown?  I agree that it's definitely possible.  If they landed Marshall, Hand, Brown, and McDowell, that could arguably be the best DL haul in history.  There would definitely be a meltdown if that happened lol.  It is pretty shocking that Brady Hoke is giving Urban Meyer a run for his money when it comes to recruiting, I will say that.

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39% of people need to be smacked. Ann Arbor is a whore

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Question: Are we back to a full compliment of scholarships next year? Seems to me we should be.

Long live the southend.

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thought it was next year

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The question was which school ends up with a better class (which I assumed to mean production over the 4-5 year "life" of that class), not more highly ranked class (a temporary rank by recruiting services).
I'll take my chances with Urbz and company. 

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At this point, they've got a top 5 guy in Peppers, and appear to have the inside track for Hand.  So I voted for them- when all is said and done, they'll likely have a higher class rank than us. 
I'm more interested in down the road, when the kids have been coached up.  I'll take UFM and a Top 10 class over their guy and a Top 5 any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

A man got to have a code...

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Voted for them, based on the fact they'll likely have the larger class. No sweat off my sack.

Now, that said, I don't for one second believe this puts Hoke and company atop the college football world. Nowhere near it in fact.

I see Hoke and the current goings-on up there turning into a northern version of Florida State. Offseason hype and talent coming in, but not putting it together on the field Sept thru Jan. My humble opinion, until they prove me otherwise.

So, here have a vote for better recruiting class. Go nuts.

I'll wait to celebrate come late November (and early January....).

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Michigan will have a better recruiting class according to recruiting services. We will win more games and beat them so who gives a crap? Hoke is their version of Cooper, will have very talented teams, but will rarely beat his rival.... and it will end up costing his job after we even up that overall series record.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.