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Which former Big Ten running back will have the best NFL career?



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I picked Le'Veon Bell.   I just think he's the big athletic back that the Steelers have been missing for a few years.  I like Ball and think he will be really good too.  He's smaller so will be interesting to see how he holds up in the NFL after a few years.   You really can't go wrong with either of them. 

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Where's Bull and Bill?

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Bell, even though I despise the Stillers.

Because Mont-ay fumbles.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Really?  I guess this is a joke... his fumble stats are just amazing.
2 career fumbles:
655: Career carries before his first lost fumble.
802: Career touches before his first lost fumble.

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Bell. As good as Ball was in college, not sure he'll do a lot as a pro. Hope I'm wrong - I like the kid.

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Le'Veon Bell will retire by the time he's 25. Blame Sparty.

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Steelers do a good job of rotating their backs, so he should hopefully last longer than that.

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He'll probably be the only running back since everyone else loves to carry the ball like a loaf of bread

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I watched Bell while he was at Groveport. Had to go with the local kid.

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As a biased Denver fan I picked Montee Ball because Elway understands the importance of having a consistent back (lost three Super Bowls without one - won two with one). Ball will have every opportunity to become Manning's starting back in Denver because he's an every-down guy and Moreno can't stay healthy.
That said I'd have rather seen the Broncos take Lacy, who fell three spots later to Green Bay.

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I picked one because I had to, but don't think that either of them will do anything special. Most likely end up as 2nd or 3rd string backs for a few years.

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My thoughts exactly.  Neither are special enough in my opinion to be an every down back.  Both benefited from a system which breeds success.

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I'd like to pick Bell because he's an Ohio kid..but I don't think he'll be a very good pro. Ball will excel in Denver I think.


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Bell--but not for his running ability. The kid doesn't have much burst. That said, he is amazing in pass protection and grinds with a lot of toughness in short-yardage situations. Personally, I was hoping my Cardinals would pick him up, but definitely not in the second round. The Steelers overpaid for him.
Ball is one of those backs that could either be a solid starter or simply be unable to keep up with the NFL toughness.

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went w/Ball due to Peyton's ability to read defenses.


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Bell because he's an Ohio kid

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Bell.  I see Ball as a guy that is a good back, but will have to be utilized properly for him to be successful.  Bell physically is a better choice - power running works anywhere in the NFL. 

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I don't see stardom in either one, but I like Ball a little better. To me, Bell is just the latest "volume rusher" out of East Lansing, a better version of Javon Ringer but not by much. And contrary to casual fan opinion, the Steelers have been a pass-first offense for years. Bell won't change that.

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I'm curious to see what Bell can do with a decent O-Line around him.

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