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Which Buckeye has the best shot of making an NFL roster?



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Stoney is in a great spot, Green Bay made a smart move there.

What, no Duron Carter?

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Why isn't Simon on the list?

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These are all undrafted FAs... 

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Thank you. Still on my first cup of coffee.

"Lets beat the shit out of Michigan".... Urban. Frank. Meyer.

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HA! I got 2 hours of sleep, and had 4 in my Tervis tumbler which is my usual on the drive in, and nothing since. No idea how I am awake. Monster for lunch I guess.

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I voted for Boren because Urbs had a man-crush on him. Trust in Urban.

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Stoney's got the size and skill but right before I voted I thought about the spatula hands he had in the Illinois game. So I voted for boren because he essentially gets two chances with LB and FB. 

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Texans love Ohio State.

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You have to think it's by far either Stoney or Boren (or both). Boren isn't an NFL LB, so saying he has two chances isn't really correct. Stoney is in the best spot because he's so versatile as he can line up at H-back, TE, or split out. This is especially true for him because it's a pass happy offense and he is a more versatile threat than their other TE options. I definitely expect him to make the team. The only concern I have with Boren is that the Texans just signed Greg Jones to a million dollar deal. And teams usually only keep one FB on the roster. But Greg Jones is a different type of FB than Boren. Boren is likely a better lead blocker and more able to be utilized as an H-back. Whereas Jones is almost definitely a better running option. It will be interesting to see if they keep them both. It is possible as Greg Jones can line up as the RB (reducing the depth they need there) because he didn't switch to FB until the NFL.

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I voted Stoney because he's in the right place for him to succeed, but I honestly do think Sabino has a chance to at least stick on with the Giants and could eventually succeed. It took him awhile, but he started getting it late in his 4th year through this last season. I think he has the potential.

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stoney is in the bes situation. Green bay throws the ball. A lot. Rodgers likes to spread it around, and stoney is extremely versatile. He is a solid blocker, and fits the mold of the new breed of tight end in the NFL. He's a big, fast target who can play on the line or slit out. And can create matchup problems with his size and speed. And GB's tight end depth chart isn't exactly what id call stellar. Finleyhas regressed year by year. Crabtree is basically a glorified lineman. And stoney has a better skill set than quarless if you ask me. Stoney should have no problems making the roster and being a contributor in that offense.

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I answered Sabino because it's easy to see how he could fit in on special teams, at least to begin with. Boren I think has a shot because I believe Houston has an opening at fullback, but a Super Bowl contender is going to be less likely to trust a UDFA with any important job. Stoneburner has the look, but his inconsistency in college doesn't bode well for a pro future. 

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Not Stoneburner. Every year was supposed to be "his breakout year" and I'm not going to say that any more. My vote is with Boren.

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Stoney has a good chance of making the roster. Not sure if we will take 4 TEs. He could be used as a slot guy like Randall Cobb. Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, and DJ Williams will more than likely round out the group. I wouldn't be shocked if Stoney slid in Williams spot if he has a great camp and preseason. Our receiver core may look like this, we drafted the two rookies in Charles Johnson & Kevin Dorsey. Of course keeping Cobb, Jordy Nelson & James Jones. Jeremy Ross could sneak back on our roster again this year. Filled in wonderfully when Cobb was out for some games. Played well as a return man and at the WR position. Not sure if Jarrett Boykin will be so lucky making our roster again. All depends on how good everyone does in camps and the games. I'll be rooting for Jake to get a spot of course, even if it's with the practice squad. 

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Depending on his knee & how it holds up...I really like Nate Williams. But I think Jake Stoneburner has the best shot as of right now.

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Boren easily. Stoneburner possibly but it's a stretch. I don't see any of the the other guys making it.


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I'm not answering till ALL is an option

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As a giants fan, I like Sabino's chances because of our need for linebackers. If he continues to progress the way he did before he got hurt he could be a special teamer and in the mix for the two deep. Only thing hurting his chances is Fewell's recent use of 3 safeties a lot like how our buckeyes use the star