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What do you think of a 9-game Big Ten schedule?



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As it undoubtedly means we will stop playing more than one of the Toledo/Kent/Akron/YSU's of every goddamn year, I guess I love this.
Can we play Rutgers in Yankee Stadium?

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How about a B1G Title Game in Yankee Stadium?  

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What I hate about an odd number of conference games is the years you have five on the road and four at home. Other teams will have five at home and four road, so there's an advantage given. Don't like that at all and don't want to go the neutral site route to even it up either.

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Exactly and I also think it is bad for the conference as a whole because that means that there will be more losses coming from within.  Which means most likely an even harder time for the B10 to be able to fill out it's bowl tie-ins.  I think that the negatives out weigh the positives of it. 
But I guess since everything decision is driven by how much money can be made off of it, it makes sense.

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I am just worried that teams will stop scheduling marquee OOC games.

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"Will stop"? I would argue that it has already happened. OOC college football is a joke (with a few very rare exceptions).

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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Seems that things are actually heading in the opposite direction because of the imminent playoff system that will be determined by a selection committee that will in fact factor strength of schedule.

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The B1G is down and 4 good O.C games would help that

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