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Where will Ohio State be slotted in the Big Dance?



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I think it more or less depends on whether they get to the B1G Championship Game or not. If they do, I think they're a 2 seed. If they don't, they've solidified themselves a 3 seed.

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I think this is correct. The floor at this point is a three, but taking down the Hoosiers a second time would propel the Bucks into the higher seed, though as others have said elsewhere, getting the three and playing at Dayton may be the more desirable outcome.

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I'm with everyone else. Lose today-3, get to tomorrow-2.

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I think the MSU/OSU winner gets a 2 and the loser gets a 3.

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It's going to be interesting no matter how tOSU finishes this weekend. We've already seen Duke and G-town drop.

Kansas, Louisville and Miami can't be locks to win out, and tOSU is facing MSU and possibly IU again. Plenty of room for top teams to drop, and others (ahem) to move up.

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If they win today, 2.  If they lose today, 3.

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If we win today probably at least a 2, but if we lose 3/4 if the NCAA treated us like football treats everyone else but the Ess Eee See.


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Their gonna be a 2 seed...Just to think that folks were predicting a 6 seed not all that long ago. That's why they play the games. Here we are a month later & that's all a very, very distant memory. I
While IU will likely get a # 1 seed, but with how things have gone over the past month, OSU is every bit as deserving of that seeding as they are...but a 2 seed is not bad!

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I thought the winner today would get a #2, and I'll stick with that. Even with a loss Sunday (the brackets will need to be finished before the game is over).
My guesses are 
#1 Louisville -- #2 Miami (or Florida if they win and Miami loses tomorrow)
#1 Gonzaga -- #2 Buckeyes
#1 Kansas -- # 2 Georgetown
#1 Indiana -- #2 Duke

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