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What do you think of "America 12," the name floated for the old Big East?



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America 12 ?  
Sounds like the cheapest tier of channels for cable TV ;)  

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Better than Legends and Leaders.

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The bar wasn't set real high.... like a 3-inch high-jump bar..

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Anyone know if the conference will have divisions? They could split north-south and call their conference championship the "Civil War".  Or would that cause to many political complaints?

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That's already taken by the non-Civil War state of Oregon when the Ducks play Oregon State.

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When the Catholic 7 bought the "Big East" name, why didn't the remaining Big East members then offer to purchase the "Conference USA" name from the leftovers in that conference? After all, isn't America 12 pretty much UCONN + CUSA?
In turn, the CUSA leftovers could offer to buy "Sun Belt" name from the Sunbelt leftovers.
At that point, the Sunbelt leftovers would have to come up with a brand new name from scratch. Then, they could buy the name America 12.

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So it's not quite Conference USA and not quite Catholic 7...
It sounds horrible, and frankly, I'd just go with the SUNBEAST CONFERENCE:
Personally, I think they should have kept the "Big" part, and added some nominal suffix like a number or random geographical element. Why not "Big Eleven" to nestle nicely between the Big Ten and Big XII? Not like those numbers mean anything anymore. Or better yet, Big XIV, in anticipation of future expansion! Take that, team poachers!! ACC, where is your god now?

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Putting the "America" thing aside for the moment (when is the NCAA planning on expanding outside of our borders?), I think its simply idiotic to put a number in the name of a conference when the schools keep jumping from one to another. 
Given the departure of the Catholic 7, I thought they might go with something like "The Big Reformation Conference"

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I chose Meh simply because I couldn't care less what the call themselves.

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Someone on twitter last aight said that they should call themselves the CYO league. Cracked me up. 
America 12? Sounds like a reformed Justice League of America or a racing yacht.

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Metro conference 

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6 percent of us may not know what that word means.

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