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Who is your surprise game MVP from today?



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Anybody have a video of the Sam Thompson inbounds slam?

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Just saw it come up, much appreciated. 

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Craft was the obvious choice for me, but Rav played awesome today...

Tom Crean listens to Nickelback...

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Yeah, Rav was a close second. He was playing hard.

Buckeye Chuck's picture

The game MVP was Craft. The SURPRISE game MVP was Ravenel.

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That is a good way to put it.

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Craft played amazing, Rav did as well, especially that Block at the very end, that was big time defense. SIT DOWN young man!

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MSU couldn't stop Craft on the drive... surprised they didn't make the adjustment.

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Awesome dunking does not an MVP make. But it was the highlight of the game.

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I gotta go with Ravenel's block at the end of the game as the highlight of the game.

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