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What seed do you think Ohio State will receive in the NCAA Tournament?



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4-5 range.... I can't see them any higher.. They would have to drop one to a lower team to get below a 5..

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It would be tOSU's luck to draw the 5-seed and get matched up against the toughest 12-seed this year... and we all know how 12-seeds usually fair vs. 5-seeds.

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5 seed, making them vulnerable to the classic 12 over 5 upset.

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Wrote this in the B1G rankings thread yesterday, relevant here so I'll repost:
The difference between seeds is pretty big between #1 to #2, still pretty big from #2 to #3, but the difference between a #4-8 isn't huge, in fact there is no difference between a #7 and an #8 in my mind. You get towards the middle of the bracket and you're better off than hitting that #1 or #2 team in the second round vs the third round. A Sweet sixteen we'd be looking at playing Louisville, Georgetown, Minnesota, New Mexico, Kansas State, as opposed to playing Michigan, Michigan State, Kansas, Duke, Florida types. If we can avoid the second group until the Elite 8/Final Four or hope they go down before then at someone else's hot hand, great.

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If they keep losing, watch out NIT! HERE WE COME!

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I really don't see how they can possibly get better than a 6
I'm betting on a 7 or 8. If they go worse than 2-3 to finish the season they will be in very real danger of being left out. How anyone could predict us getting a 3 or 4 seed is just completely absurd to me